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Tony Lucas

Let's get in a "Flap"

April 10, 2006 | Comment icon 1 comment
Image Credit: Wikipedia
Throughout the history of the UFO phenomena there have been what are generally termed "flaps". These flaps are periods of intensified UFO activity concentrated on certain areas and lasting over a period of many weeks. Flaps such as the Warminster sightings in the 1960s, to as recently as the Belgium flaps of 2001 and 2002 have all provoked interest in the UFO community. The Northern Hemisphere has had a fair share of this type of activity; However, such concentrated UFO activity has also been noted in the Southern Hemisphere. However, one incident of concentrated sightings stands out in New Zealand's history of UFO activity.In the time frame from the onset of 1977 to the close of 1978, an insignificant valley near Gisbourne, New Zealand would play host to almost nightly UFO sightings and unusual encounters and events.

Waimata Valley is a rural area, situated near Gisbourne, on the North Islands East Coast. Normally a place that didn't excite much attention, it was to become a hot spot for UFO watching, as well as a favorite spot for folk wanting to view a UFO. Once regular sightings began, youths would cruise the area, armed, looking forward to taking a pot shot at a UFO.On the night of March 11-12, 1977, an incident transpired which involved two young woman, who settled down on a hillside that night, as many were doing in that area, in the anticipation of seeing the strange aerial objects that were becoming a nightly phenomena.The case was investigated by Bryan Dickeson and after a narrative of what occurred that night emerged they were encouraged to delve deeper using regressive hypnosis.Without hypnosis both woman recalled settling on the hillside with their sleeping bags. About 11 pm they could hear a noise like tin cans buckling, this sound continued for about half an hour then ceased. Both subsequently became tired and drifted off to sleep.
About 1 am one of the witnesses awoke, sensing someone standing over her. In fright she hid her face and reached out to be met with the touch of a cold, metallic feeling boot. Strangely, although alarmed by this experience she drifted back to sleep.It was only under regressive hypnosis that what ensued was uncovered.The witness must have slept for about half an hour after the contact with the metallic booted figure when she was awoken by a bright light shining into her eyes, its source was a disc-like craft with a dome on top that was hovering over some nearby trees.The object was white, with yellow lights on its underside and on the dome; Red lights were emitted from the object as well. Both women found themselves drawn along a beam of light towards the strange craft.They both found themselves in a small room lying on horizontal slabs, though the witness cannot recall any physical examination transpiring.Present in the room was a perfectly normal appearing humanoid clothed in off white overalls and white boots.The witness and the humanoid conducted a pleasant conversation telepathically.

The nature of this discussion was not revealed in the hypnosis session, as every time the witness was pushed about its content she became markedly agitated.After the conversation the woman were both returned to the hillside they had been taken from, the object left the area at high speed.The whole experience had lasted about 2 hours.Subsequently the woman both refused to experience any more regressive hypnosis sessions.On December 2nd, 1977, a farmer heard his dogs barking and went to investigate, he saw a landed craft and two humanoid figures wearing close fitting silver metallic overalls, they each wore white motorcycle like helmets and had red glowing boots.Being supported between them was one of the farmer's dogs. In an attempt to stop them the farmer fired at them and wounded one of the occupiers of the craft.Both dropped the dog and the wounded one sought cover in near by bushes, while its associate fled to the craft which accelerated away at high speed.No sign was found of the wounded alien.Rumor has it that a wounded alien tried to stop a motorist a few days later.

How much validity is in the rumor is unknown, as we all know stories grow from the original accounts.Further north in Warkworth, activity was also reaching “flap” proportions as sighting after sighting transpired.Then in December 1978 the now much investigated Kaikoura incident took place.What triggers such increased activity?We may never know, but to catch such public awareness there must be some validity to the phenomena. Are there any patterns to these flaps? Not that Im aware of. But they do occur, and investigators sit and wait with expectation hoping the next great flap may just be in their area. Comments (1)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Karma_burna 18 years ago
it was to become a hot spot for UFO watching, as well as a favorite spot for folk wanting to view a UFO. ...Lol, oh and by the way, Lol. btw that farmer should'nt be feeding hogs, he should find a wormhole leading back to the 50's and write B movies. except they'd have to be glowing 'grey' boots. U gotta hand it to the human race. UFO's! WOOO! YEAH! LETS SHOOT THEM UP!! sigh.

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