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J. Patterson

What are Ouija Board experiences ?

October 5, 2006 | Comment icon 15 comments
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For those that believe spirits exist and can be "invited in" or contacted through use of a product that comes off the assembly line right along with Monopoly, I suggest that it is the mindset and the intent of openness itself, rather than the board, which allows this and you have just the same potential as focusing your "intent to contact" on a piece of dry toast. The board simply has letters and a traveller. Its like saying waterguns are dangerous because you can put a dangerous liquid in them - well... uh yeah.I was party to a small series of Ouija board sessions - actually they went on for a couple of years but the "bad" ones lasted about a month, in which we "got hold of", apparently, a Bad Thing, which referred to itself, and was referred to by other "good" spirit guides, as a "shade". It was abusive, threatening, ominous and frequently causes "static" while we were in communication with other "spirits" and would break in over others and was damned hard to get rid of.

The telling point of this is that one of our number had, unbeknownst to everyone else, mentally "seperated" his "good" traits from his "bad" traits, and NAMED the bad ones - and this was the name the thing used. As far as I'm concerned, Ouija boards and any spirit communication deal with the unconscious (including collective of the group) and sometimes surface thoughts and emotions and inter-group dynamics present in the "Ouijers" (which is why teens typically have 'teen-type' contacts with freaky, juvenile things) - while I believe in some cases psychic abilities may spontaneously come into play during board use (such as information no one consciously knows), I believe these forms of "communication" are simply the results of psychological and physiological processes in the people using them.

And for the record, Ouija boards started out as "talking boards" and were NOT originally marketed as communications devices to talk to the "dead" - they were considered "psychic novelties" - only after Fuld bought the rights to and remarketed these boards did they gain the reputation as being spirit communication boards.

For those that say they can't talk about or stand to remember their "bad experience"...

Yet self-fulfilled prophecies are 100% accurate. If you feel that its "weird" that you "can never" tell people about your experiences, then chances are, you won't, because you'll be validated by this "obvious" restriction placed on you which you're powerless to break.

The thing I ask here is - who's in control, exactly?

Do you REALLY think anything you reveal is SO vitally important to the functioning of the universe that The Forces of Evil are threatened by your story and are "putting effort" into stopping you?

Again - if that's the case ... aren't you saying "well, I guess they win"?

Amnesia is one thing, and sure there are things we all like to forget and never think happened etc but you have to ask yourself really WHAT could have been said or happened that TRULY would make someone NOT want to do soul-searching, to try to identify and discover what went wrong or what lessons can be learned, rather than sticking your head in the sand? Now, I agree if someone is potentially unbalanced or if they are worried about influencing someone into looking into something that they don't agree with, they are within their rights to not say anything, but it shouldn't be out of fear of their OWN memories - that simply means there are things in your past that you are NOT dealing with, that you have not come to grips and gotten closure from, which will ALWAYS "haunt" you - is that really how people should live their lives? Will you do that?
Its "spirits" or "ghosts"... "of course", right?

I think its potentially possible that there are "thoughtform" entities created by people, even accidentally (as in my example case) which can certainly present a problem - BUT - the long and short of it is STILL that this "entity" STILL had its basis in a PERSON, a LIVING person, and their mind and personality, which does NOT invalidate the idea that the Ouija board still functions on psychological and physiological fundamental principles. But I do not personally believe in "spirits", but partially this belief (or disbelief) actually comes FROM this experience of mine itself, where others would see my experience as "proof".

Now I'll be the first to tell you that when this entity's name was revealed via the board, the "owner" of it was NOT using the board and had undoubtedly told NO ONE about it, and he was as shocked as hell to see that name pop up (which entirely ruled out him unconsciously moving the traveller over the letters, since he wasn't even at the table), and spazzed out, which greatly disturbed everyone else who had no idea WHY he was freaking out like that.

To me, this more signals an obvious link to the collective unconscious of the group, including some "bad parts", the darker drives and emotions that are just as much a part of the group, as any "Higher Self" type ideals.

And I'm not saying that this entitity had no effect, due to its (finally) revealed nature and the general concensus that intentionally attempting to partition or splinter off parts of your personality, and officially giving a Name to Something Bad was probably not a terribly good idea, and the fact that the "thing" had such a foothold in the mind of the group caused a lot of anxiety and depression, fear, despair, and some overreaction etc.

And I'll be the first to tell you that at the time, at around 19, I was likely one of, if not THE, MOST affected and frightened and anxious by this turn of events and I didn't want to use the board at all and dreaded the weekends when we got together and sometimes we did forego using it, and some of our members even claimed to see what they presumed was the Thing in their yard at home.

However, looking back on this NOW, with what I've learned about myself and my friends and our group and those types of dynamics, I've come to realize that I was allowing myself to give in and succumb to what was effectively our local version of mass hysteria, where one or two people saw or felt one thing and this reverberated from the others, who each produced their own particular "tone", and this vicious cycle of "yah I felt this" and "oh and I saw that" and "I have a feeling of the other over here" fed on itself until, much to the credit of the older members of the group, they faced it head-on as best they knew how - they directly addressed the thing and got all their spirit guides and such together and read up on banishing and "freeings" and protective rituals and all that sort of thing and basically we all, as a group unified in goodwill, got rid of the thing.

The FIRST step of which was to talk to and work with the original member on better ways of dealing with your own doubts and fears and incorporating some of your "negative" traits as positive strengths and accepting himself, etc. THAT was truly the MOST important and deciding factor, was that he had to accept and reabsorb and take responsibility for and reassert his own conscious will and control over this "Bad Side" of himself, rather than trying to externalize it and make it something outside himself. Effectively, though it took a couple of weeks, we kicked the thing's ass six ways from sunday and it was *gone* - simply because we did NOT allow it to control us, to taunt us, to abuse us, to scare us, to sow doubt - we refused to speak to it and ORDERED it to leave, to stop interrupting, etc. because it had no power and was not welcome, etc. Really the couple of weeks were mainly a buildup of that, basically a crash course for all of us in that gruff, unflinching, unapologetic refusal to let someone/thing else intimidate or influence us - we developed spine, as a group, and as individuals, and gained confidence and a strange kind of "powerful contentment" with realizing just how little (if any) control and power any one person or thing has over you, if you don't GIVE it to them.

But as I said, looking back on it, objectively - what happened? We all of a sudden got this "thing" on us for reasons uknown (at that time) that started screwing around etc. ON the board. All this conflict was via the board. Nothing *happened* in the REAL WORLD. Sure we'd get depressed or anxious or scared or whatever, but thats PEOPLE, that's emotions, that's people overthinking things, tying things together that seem to "perfectly" fit some theory or other case we just read about. It was STILL *only* on the board, even if there was some instances of likely minor psychic ability related to the issue. The whole thing was STILL a group dynamic, as to one extent or another, we all had various "issues" with "Member Zero", where this thing had apparently come from. So its not like this was really all that surprising, that conflict would come up, given the environment, and agres, and different attitudes (20, 19, 33, 28, 40) and outlooks and beliefs on life and the paranormal etc.

And as for its "category" or title, "shade" is perfectly fitting, and like a lot of things with the Ouija board, worked on a number of different levels, as shade denoted darkness - not necesarily the ominous evil darkness that most people will automatically evision, but darkness as the opposite or even CREATION of light - light being illumination - illumination being wisdom and understanding. So "shade" really is anologous, in one way, simply to "ignorance" rather than "evil monster". When you take away a "shade's" ability to BE a shade - when you remove ignorance and lack of understanding, when you have only light, the darkness cannot stand.

Ignorance, fear, despair, lack of confidence, jealousy, bitterness, anger - just as Yoda says, all these things lead to the Dark Side. The Dark Side is Shady, to say the least.

As somehow probably stated above, in my ramble, intent does still seem to be the key, the real kiln in which a vessel is fired; the vessel of curiosity and exploration, as well as any other - spiritualists used to knock on walls, rap on and tip tables, use pendulums - you can use automatic writing (some of which I almost feel like I've done above) - a pencil and a piece of paper can be a "tool for contacting the Other Side" if you use it like that, but I don't presume to tell people we need to set our pencilboxes on fire because they open a gateway to Hell. God knows the television has enough bad "energy" coming from it to qualify it to scream and burn green flames. Comments (15)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by Withoutnight 18 years ago
Sorry, but it is just a piece of wood, but if you believe you are getting spirits it has nothing to do with the board itself. Try a burnt grilled cheese sandwich!
Comment icon #7 Posted by :PsYKoTiC:BeHAvIoR: 18 years ago
I've never tried playing with a Ouija Board before. Whether it's authentic or not, I prefer not screw around with things I don't understand or can't control! Poking a bear with a stick is probably safer.
Comment icon #8 Posted by RollingThunder06 18 years ago
Still think everyone should be careful when using one. I don't use them anymore.
Comment icon #9 Posted by The___Piper 18 years ago
I've never used one before, but I think it's sorta crazy anyway. But since I've never used one, I don't know.
Comment icon #10 Posted by ghostbeliever06 18 years ago
i have never had a good experience with a ouija board,they have always given me a bad feeling after using them! besides if you believe in ghosts or sprits or whatever you call them there are better ways in conneting with them.besides i dont believe that sprits can harm you!
Comment icon #11 Posted by Dark_Ambient 18 years ago
When i was a kid my sisters bed caught on fire when she and her friend where using a ouiji board. Still unexplained to this day. Somehow the experience is negative rather then positive. I wonder why it only calls bad energy.
Comment icon #12 Posted by TheFreekinCog16 17 years ago
I was actually playing on a Ouija board last night. They are great fun for me, but im not sure whether to communicate with bad spirits or not. I have alot of questions about it actually. Does anybody know alot about Ouija boards and would like to answer some of my questions. If so, i would appreciate them emailing me at
Comment icon #13 Posted by Dark_Ambience 17 years ago
LoL. I made this exact same mistake on my very first post.
Comment icon #14 Posted by TheFreekinCog16 17 years ago
lol, i didnt know what happened, it just wrote the entire thing.
Comment icon #15 Posted by TheFreekinCog16 17 years ago
In some cases, Ouija boards are dangerous, but if you know what you are doing, you can actually profit off of it. Spirit guides, dearly departed and so on. Just be careful not to upset the spirits and avoid communicating with evil spirits.

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