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  Columnist: Ken Korczak

Image credit: stockxpert

“Gigantic black” UFO sighted over Minnesota

Posted on Sunday, 1 October, 2006 | 10 comments
Columnist: Ken Korczak

A few years ago I thought I would try an interesting experiment. I took out a classified ad in several small-town newspapers across northern Minnesota. Here is what the ad said: “Have you seen a UFO, ghost, or anything you can’t explain? Please call me: xxx-xxxx. Confidentiality guaranteed.”I was expecting nothing, but my phone started ringing almost as soon as the ads hit the streets. The very first call was from an elderly gentleman whom I had known for years, and whom I would describe as an extremely Bible-oriented Christian conservative type -- a lifelong farmer, and a real no-nonsense, salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. His name is Bernard Hanson and before retirement he lived just out side the tiny town of Greenbush, Minnesota. Bernard had a strange tale to tell, and here is the article I wrote based on his experience:

It was peaceful, clear June evening in 1987. Bernard Hanson and his son Dexter were heading north from Minnesota Highway 11 on a dirt road three miles west of Greenbush when they saw a fantastic thing floating above a grove of trees. It was massive! It had the look of plastic, deep black in color. It was easily bigger than a barn and hovered serenely, about 30 feet above the tree tops over the farm of Bob Melby. Hanson and his son were surprised—and “a little scared.”“We just didn’t know what it was,” Bernard said. “It was cigar-haped and pure black, coal black. There were no markings on it. It was smooth all over. I would say it had the look of plastic. It was about 3/4 a mile from us. It was at least as big as my barn, if not bigger.”Bernard said he and Dexter sat in the pick-up and watched it for a long while. It was not a fleeting image or a streak across the sky. The object had the definite look of something solid—real enough to touch. “It was a clear June evening,” Bernard said. “There was not a cloud in the sky. The sun had just gone down, but you know the way it stays light in the summer. There was still plenty of daylight and we could see it clearly.”Even though they were somewhat frightened, Bernard and Dexter decided to get a bit closer. “We turned toward it on County Road 104, but when we moved, it moved,” Hanson said. “We followed it for a while, and then we turned north, and it turned north.” After following it for a couple of miles, Bernard said the object suddenly zoomed away. “It tilted upward and streaked away from us — it turned into a tiny black dot in just seconds and was gone. It flew upward at a 45-degree angle ...the rate of speed was tremendous... it was almost as if it just vaporized.”After the object left, the Hansons decided to stop in at the farm of Wayne Juhl’s and ask him if he saw the curious object, but Juhl said he saw nothing. Bernard knows he wasn’t “seeing things” because he and his son could not both have had the same hallucination. Also, he is certain it was not a conventional aircraft.
“A large balloon could never move that fast and go up at that angle,” he said. Then what was it? Bernard has no guess, and he is not ready to say that he saw a spaceship or a UFO. But he knows that what he and his son saw was something entirely unexplained. “I think we all have to admit that there are things in the world we don’t know about—there are a lot of mysteries. All I’m saying is that this was something I have never seen before, and I don’t know what it was.”He is not alone. The object Hanson described has a long history of being sighted not only in America and around the world, but especially here in the American Midwest. Cigar or zeppelin shaped “airships” were reported frequently in Minnesota and Iowa in the late 1800s, and some of the most curious and famous UFO cases involve crafts of similar description. In fact, Hanson’s description of both the shape and the way this object acted closely fit other such sightings. For example, in his book, Dimensions, computer scientist and former NASA consultant Jacques Vallee, writes: “Usually the airships flew very slowly and majestically...except in a few close-proximity cases when it was reported to depart “as a shot out of a gun.”That matches Hanson’s experience to the letter. Furthermore, huge cigar-shaped flying objects have been observed by thousands of people throughout history.

In the year 1211 A.D., for example, in the tiny Irish village of Cloera, the local residents were attending Mass in a church dedicated to St. Kinarus when such an object was sighted above the church. In the 1890s, airships sightings were common. Thousands of people saw them throughout the United States, even over large population centers, including Chicago, Minneapolis, Omaha, Sioux City, San Francisco, and many others. From the tiny 11th Century borough of Cloera, to modern-day Greenbuh, Minnesota, the mysterious giant airships are still making their appearances, perhaps looking down at human beings and wondering about our activities as much as we do their’s.

You can find more original Minnesota UFO sightings on my blog:

Article Copyright© Ken Korczak - reproduced with permission.

Ken Korczak is the author of Minnesota Paranormala:

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