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  Columnist: Jann Burner

The resonance theory

Posted on Saturday, 14 April, 2007 | 13 comments
Columnist: Jann Burner

[!gad]Let me ask you to wrap your mind around the “idea” that TIME, as we perceive it, is not linear. It does not move from the past into the future like a highway. Nor does it begin on page one with something like “In the beginning…” and end three hundred pages later with something like, “and they lived happily ever after.” Just for sake of discussion, imagine that all “time”, everyone’s time, and everyone who you have ever been or will ever be and everything you have ever done or ever will do, is happening right now. And that it is only through the mechanism of your personal ego that you choose to identify with this particular linear spoke, date stamped, 2007. Imagine, if you will, that somehow, you are able to neutralize your date imprint and are able to traverse the “frequency” that comprises the entirety that is YOU. Now here is the interesting part. To a limited degree you can do this right now. And this is because you (Mr. or Ms. whoever) are a “Frequency” of Mind, a frequency of…intent, if you will, and what happens to you in one experience resonates across the specific frequency which is the entirety of you and you, in your current experience, will Feel the vibration!

Have you ever been sort of walking along, just being “you”, feeling perfectly “normal” and then, for no reason at all, you suddenly feel absolutely FANTASTIC! Nothing has changed in your current experience but your mood has suddenly been drastically altered. Likewise you might suddenly feel absolutely horrible, for no reason at all. Or you will have a very near fatal accident, in an automobile or perhaps a fall. These are all resonant effects of events which are happening to “you” along another specific radial within your frequency. You feel fantastic! Something incredibly wonderful has just happened to you along another radial of consciousness and the feeling resonates out over your entire frequency. Of course as it moves, the effect lessens over perceived time and distance. In one life experience you may have a fatal injury. You are dead! In another experience you simply have a very close call and in yet another experience you suddenly come down with a severe headache, or a bad case of the flu. These “feeling events” are also cued into time/date stamps. You die in one life at age 17. In this life at age 17 you break a leg. You are abandoned as a young child in one life. In this experience your parents get divorced when you are the exact same age as in the alternative life. And so it goes. Every thing that happens to you, every significant feeling you get is to a greater or lessor degree stimulated by “you” experiencing yourself in an alternate reality. And, you may ask, “Where does it start? And where does it end?”

This is called The Resonance Theory of Simultaneous Existence. We occupy our consciousness--all at once. What happens in one life experience resonates across all frequencies and influences all other life experiences. These feelings resonate across frequencies like small waves across the surface of the ocean. Our consciousness IS THE OCEAN. Our individuated feelings are like the waves upon the surface of that sea. Sometimes the waves move in unison, sometimes, as in a storm, they move in a very chaotic fashion across the surface. And sometimes, rarely, but it happens, there can be a Tsunami type wave which moves at astonishing speed across the surface altering everything it touches. In recent times these have been called World Wars!

This is sort of like the Butterfly theory of weather. A butterfly flaps its wings in Tibet and a storm begins to form off the Florida Coast. Likewise, in one life experience seemingly limited by a specific time and space, something happens. Whatever the "traumatic" event may be, an accident, a severe illness, the winning of a lottery, getting married, the birth of a child, whatever, we feel that it is a done deal. While we feel that as important as it may be in our current life, it is finished. The reality is that it is NOT finished. The vibrations from these events move across the frequencies like the waves of sound move through the air with the ringing of a very large bell or gong. Or like a ripple will move across the surface of a pond when a stone is dropped into the pool. The psychological model we have been working with, specifically the Freudian model, is extremely naïve and limited.

What we are doing here is not finding a simple trail of breadcrumb clues left along the path in the forest of our very limited current life experience. What we are doing is nothing less than co-creating a tapestry of consciousness, a true work of Art. We are creating this across the vast reaches of what we naively call time and space and we are not doing this alone, but with the direct intent and cooperation of every other conscious entity. What we are doing is growing a holographic universe and with this realization will come a subtle "click," as from the opening of a backdoor, as from the opening of a human mind, and with this, the rings of realization will began to radiate in all directions across the pond of time.

Article Copyright© Jann Burner - reproduced with permission.

If you enjoy Jann Burner's columns, check out his new book on Amazon - "The Claire Letters" - a spiritual love story between a San Francisco taxi driver and an elderly retired teacher from Texas. Very inspirational.

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