Friday, January 27, 2023
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Matt Haas

Technology or methodology ?

7-8-2008 | 1

The Paranormal Field has come a long way in a short span of time hasn't it ? The library for Paranormal Evidence ha...

Matt Haas

Money, money, money...

6-24-2008 | 9

There is a question that has been brought up a lot in the paranormal field. Should investigators or business establ...

Matt Haas

Reality vs paranormal

6-14-2008 | 0

Are you a Ghost Hunter? Do you run your own Paranormal Research Group? Then you know what it takes to become a good...

Matt Haas

The paranormal: The truth and the answers

5-4-2008 | 13

Fact or fiction!? With all of the technology and tools we use as ghost hunters, why do you think we have yet to fin...

Matt Haas

United we stand

10-25-2007 | 10

Hello, most of those who read my articles know who I am. For those who don’t, I am the proud founder of LIGHT Paran...

Matt Haas

The underestimated intelligence of an Entity

10-9-2007 | 10

There are much more open minded people across the world regarding believing in the Paranormal and the existence of ...

Matt Haas

The other side - part 4

9-23-2007 | 2

Welcome to the 4th edition of The Other Side. It has been a very interesting month as LIGHT Paranormal Research has...

Matt Haas

The other side - part 3

9-5-2007 | 8

Welcome to the 3rd edition of The Other Side! My personal goal as an experienced Paranormal Investigator is to find...

Matt Haas

The other side - part 2

8-22-2007 | 6

Welcome to another edition of The Other Side! There are a few topics in this week’s article I would like to impleme...

Matt Haas

The other side

8-10-2007 | 8

My name is Matt Haas and I run a serious and well established Paranormal Research Group called LIGHT. We are locate...

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