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Matt Haas

The other side - part 3

September 5, 2007 | Comment icon 8 comments

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Welcome to the 3rd edition of The Other Side! My personal goal as an experienced Paranormal Investigator is to find out what is on the other side. What do we have to look forward to when we pass on from this life? With all the research and studying done by so many in this field, we all know that there is something out there. Is it another dimension? Is there a heaven or hell? Or are we just simply communicating with the future and past? Again, there are millions of theories out there on the betting table. In my last article I understand I may have come across too strong or confused some people when I brought up religion and god into the subject of the Paranormal. If I may have unsettled some people with my comments, for that I publicly apologize. Religion is a touchy subject as many people have strong beliefs in their religion. I consider myself to be agnostic. I do believe in god or that there is a higher power. I just do not pertain myself to any religion. I know that god wrote the 10 commandments and so forth. I meant to state that our current government is trying to change them. Lately they do not promote any religion these days on television. If they do, itís watered down a lot. I think the government has a big part in that. If you think about it, our government controls 95% of the world. They give as little as 5% of freedom to the people. Even that 5% is controlled or at least regulated.

But I am not here to talk about religion or get on about politics. If I did, I would be opening up a can of worms, and I do not want to end up doing that at all. Iím here to share my research, studies and experiences with the Paranormal. There are a lot of people asking that very same question everyone is asking. Where do we go when we pass on? Iím just as curious, which is why I am motivated and have become a Paranormal Investigator myself. I have to know if there is something to look forward to.
Think about it, this current life we all live in is very angry! Thereís a lot of hatred out there. There are a lot of things out there going on that scares the heck out of me. Would I go back and change my life? Am I happy with it? Maybe a few things, but no I would not want to go back and change my life. Our past is what makes us who we are today. We control our own future. But what is out there? A lot of people say this is just a test. I have read somewhere that someone once said we are humans having a human experience right now. After we pass on, we are going to have a spiritual experience. Do I agree with that? I am not sure. That is why I am searching for those clues and answers.

I would like to think our souls are going somewhere nice. Maybe itís what we make it? Are we given a choice? Iíd like to think so. At least it would be nice to have a choice. Perhaps if you lived a good life, youíll experience something great for living a good life. If you lived a bad life, then perhaps you will receive a punishment for those bad things? I strongly believe in karma. What you give is what you get. Like the old saying what goes around, comes around. Maybe thatís why these spirits are stuck in this world? They are being punished and arenít allowed to cross over. I think that could be possible, but to an extent. Some spirits donít know they have died or passed on. They have left their lives with tragedy like being hit by a drunk driver unexpectedly. Say they were killed or it wasnít their time to leave and thatís why they stay? It could be for so many reasons but weíll never know. At least not yet. Perhaps we arenít meant to know the answer and find out until itís our time?

Whoís to say what we do is right? Personally, I donít know whatís right or wrong anymore. With all the changes and rules in the world today, itís hard to find any answer. Itís definitely a mystery. That is why I am going to keep plugging away with studying and research. I might not ever find out. Maybe the question should be, is the world ready to accept the real answer if they ever found out?

LIGHT Paranormal Research
Founder - Matt Haas

Comments (8)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by truthorder 16 years ago
You say you don't know right from wrong. You do. If you didn't, you wouldn't have a conscience. Even psychopaths know right from wrong. They simply don't care about consequences. The worst plea a person can make when accused of something is ignorance. The knowledge of right and wrong is inherent and is part of what makes us intelligent beings. You can throw every single rule right out of the book....except for one. If everyone in this world followed one simple rule, there would be no more violence. There would be no more poverty. There would be FAR less suffering. Do unto others as you would h... [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by MasterPo 16 years ago
Every decision you make is going to either have a positive or negative reaction in your life. Still waiting for the negative effect to come back on certain people. I'd like to think it will happen one day even if I'm not there to see it.
Comment icon #3 Posted by silentshadow 16 years ago
Well that all deppens on what you feel right and wrong means. To me right and wrong means something like being true to yourself. To me wrong means not being true to your being. If you mean right and wrong in a sense of what you do in life like murder or likewise I feel differ. Take murder for example if you think murder is wrong then thats who you are. The killer may not believe or feel what he did is wrong they may feel right in there own sense. As for me I don't believe murder is wrong unless you doing it against your self being and sense. The only reason I'm not out there killing is "The Go... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by annalaura 16 years ago
I love your picture, it's real, and beautiful. I know I don't know alot of big words and such. But I going to tell you a example. One day I went to a funeral. This guy killed himself, but he did not live a clean life. But on top of his casket were dead flowers. I never seen dead flowers on top of a casket before at a funeral. It was very creepy. This is just my thought, but spirits that are stuck here, and cannot cross over. I do think it is very sad. And they can find no peace. Maybe some thing tragic happened to them. Or they did not live clean lives, and are stuck here. Who knows. But one t... [More]
Comment icon #5 Posted by Pluto-x 16 years ago
Hey Everyone, Thanks for your kind words, replies and comments. Everyone has some solid points of view. I hope that human beings can find specific answers before we pass on. I hope I do. Even if I am close to them, I am at peace with myself knowing that kind of knowledge. We may never get the answers before we pass on. That's why I press on and continue to research and study this area. I think it could give human beings peace and harmony knowing they have something to look forward to if we ever found out the answers. Who knows? Maybe we aren't supposed to know. This is why it is so important t... [More]
Comment icon #6 Posted by ThelmaLIPI 16 years ago
I don't think there is competition between paranormal groups just different goals & techniques. Don't worry so much about what other people say, just focus on what your goals are in this field. As long as you feel you're doing things right, don't worry about what/how other groups do things.
Comment icon #7 Posted by silentshadow 16 years ago
I tend to lean towards the idea that we create our own afterlife in a sense. The idea of one place where we all go seems boring to me. If you can't make sense of what is happening after death I believe thats when you get "stuck". If you believe you did wrong in life you create your own "hell". What interest me is children that seems to be stuck is this because they have no sense of death and are confuse in a way? I wonder when I die will I still have my sense of my surroundings or will it deppen on how I go out.
Comment icon #8 Posted by MasterPo 16 years ago
The more knowledge we share and the more evidence we can gain as a community is stronger than a single group. I still believe that not all evidence is created equal. Meaning that what is "evidence" to you isn't evidence to me. I don't just mean friendly debate about whether something is there or not. For example, you show a pic of an orb. Is that evidence? I say it's dust. You say it's a ghost. There's no other evidence besides the pic. Some would argue that's good enough while I say an orb is just an orb. That's why I've said many times there has to be some agreed upon standard with in the fi... [More]

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