Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Nancy Bradley

Live animals, dead people and great history

10-4-2013 | 0

A veterinarian who lives in Vacaville, CA, contacted Gold Rush Ghosts International Paranormal Investigations on Fr...

Nancy Bradley

Murder, mayhem, ghosts and live TV

11-27-2010 | 3

The Dorothea Puente Murder House in Sacramento, California at this moment is a powder keg waiting to explode. Espe...

Nancy Bradley

Haunting experience in Camino, Ca.

11-20-2010 | 1

Spirits following you down a country lane, a hand touching your shoulder from behind. Ghosts swishing past you as ...

Nancy Bradley

The McCormack Williamson Winery

2-7-2010 | 0

An interesting investigation was held by GOLD RUSH GHOSTS INTERNATIONAL PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS for the televisio...

Nancy Bradley

Strange orbs on the stairs

1-14-2010 | 2

My office in northern California has been dubbed the “Enchanted Cottage.” Although it is in a small town about 30 m...

Nancy Bradley

The Empire Theatre

12-2-2009 | 0

It’s a quiet walk down Main Street in Placerville, California for you now. The town is situated in the heart of th...

Nancy Bradley

Tahoe Tessy and a piece of Norway

11-26-2009 | 1

The frantic call came into the office. AGAIN! It’s about Lake Tahoe in Northern California, clean and beautiful. ...

Nancy Bradley

Mokelumne Hill in Northern California

10-31-2009 | 0

Gold Rush Ghosts International Paranormal Investigations was invited to have another exciting adventure in Mokelumn...

Nancy Bradley

The historic Cary House Hotel

10-15-2009 | 1

Since the era of 1800’s turbulence, the Cary House Hotel has emerged with an undeniable arrogance that can only be ...

Nancy Bradley

The Discovery/History Museum

10-1-2009 | 1

Sometimes a building is not haunted itself; the artifacts it holds are. This is the fantastic case of the Discover...

Nancy Bradley

Sacramento state capitol building ghosts

9-9-2009 | 1

With a 50,000-acre land grant from the Mexican government, Captain John Sutter, in 1839, settled at the adjoining b...

Nancy Bradley

Psychic 'uncovers' ghosts in bookstore

9-9-2009 | 0

Disembodied voices in an empty room. Glasses clinking when no one is there. A few years ago, David Mintz, then owne...

Nancy Bradley

Strange orbs on the stairs

8-22-2009 | 5

My office in northern California has been dubbed the “Enchanted Cottage.” Although it is in a small tow...

Nancy Bradley

Animals we have seen in spirit

8-5-2009 | 9

There is only one statue in all of New York City that does not need to be polished in spite of weather, bird droppi...

Nancy Bradley

Some seriously haunted cemeteries

7-18-2009 | 4

As I have said many times before, rarely to never will you find a spirit in a cemetery among the rotting remains of...

Nancy Bradley

9-11 New York, lest we forget

6-29-2009 | 16

Nine eleven, (9-11) Sept 11, 2001, will be known as the worse disaster on American soil caused by outside sources. ...

Nancy Bradley

Lake Owassa UFO adventure

6-21-2009 | 1

My childhood at Lake Owassa was rather eventful in a strange and uneventful way. Living in the woods can be boring ...

Nancy Bradley

Owassa Bigfoot

6-17-2009 | 9

Bigfoot has been a mystery since I was a child at our summer cabin on Lake Owassa in New Jersey. Big John Lonewolf,...

Nancy Bradley

Harmony Grove

6-3-2009 | 5

In the 1960s high school kids drove through the forest looking for her. You were considered a sissy if you did not ...

Nancy Bradley

The historically haunted Ione Hotel

5-28-2009 | 0

I was invited once again a few months ago to investigate the Historic Ione Hotel in Northern California, this time ...

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