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  Columnist: Nancy Bradley

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Live animals, dead people and great history

Posted on Friday, 4 October, 2013 | 0 comments
Columnist: Nancy Bradley

A veterinarian who lives in Vacaville, CA, contacted Gold Rush Ghosts International Paranormal Investigations on Friday, July 5th, concerning what she considered strange ongoing occurrences on her property. She runs an animal-related non-profit organization, and nine years ago she purchased the major part of the property, where she lives. Although she would prefer we not give the exact location or name for obvious reasons, she stated to us, “Though I believe there are spirits hanging about at the original ranch that we purchased, and that they are happy and protective of us, on the other side of the street, property we newly acquired which houses a caretaker’s house and an old children’s group home, appears to me to have a lot of sadness and discord.”

The history of the place is as follows. Our research indicated that that part of the property was, indeed, a children’s care facility. It was called the Sierra Children’s Home, and it was last known to be run by Richard M. Blythe. As president and chief executive officer, he ran the organization and later, its successor, Agate Villages, for almost twenty-five years. He retired from that organization in 2008.

The current owner of the property continued to tell us about her adventures on her property, the part she originally purchased and on which she lives. She told us, “I would smell cigarette smoke in the master bedroom so strong I would look outside to see if there was a fire. I would find doors open that I thought I had closed, lights on that I thought I had turned off. Huge branches regularly fell off the many eucalyptus trees on the property but would just miss our glass tables and fences. Even those that landed on the shed or roofs did not break anything. One time a 12x10 ft metal overhang flew up in the air, over the 40 foot high trees and landed between the wall and a glass table like the house in Wizard of Oz, causing no damage. I often felt hot spots on the property and wondered where they came from. One morning, when we were having a discussion with a woman, whom we allowed to move onto the property, I found the fan running in the metal barn even though the switch was turned off. When I went into the house a few minutes later, I found the floor fan in the kitchen running as well. It was as if a spirit was telling me I was not alone or to be careful. I haven’t actually heard any spirit voices myself on the property as yet. However, a friend came over one night to do a photo shoot for a MFA project and heard unaccounted for voices and music.”

She was quick to move on with her story. “In June of 2013, a woman called me to ask about volunteering and about bringing her grandson to visit the ranch. As we got to talking, she told me that she lived at the group children’s home across the street in the 1970s. At the time her parents were foster parents in the group children’s home establishment, and it was run by their church. Shortly after, the woman told me the state took over the home. The woman told me ‘after the state took over, everything changed.’”

But we are getting ahead of ourselves here.

The property owner quoted the following information to us from an article she had seen about the property. She found the article on the Pepperdine College newsletter, which stated that the Children’s Home (property she later purchased, but where she is almost certain the ghost and spirit energy originated) was opened there in 1958 and run by a church organization. The children she felt may have been orphans or from poor families that could not keep them. There were also in her opinion children there that were problematic. Another article she quoted from can be found here:

“Apparently the woman who came to visit has a brother who lives in Arizona and who has photos of that time,” she told us. However, these photos were not presented to us at Gold Rush Ghosts International Paranormal Investigations.

“The orphanage/group children’s home changed when the state got involved, according to this woman,” the current owner repeated. “It became a place for troubled teens. The neighbors have a lot of stories of runaways and poor supervision. There was a fire set by one of the girls in the manager’s home.” The place was closed by the time the current owner bought this part of the property.

The property owner continued her story. “Fred Finch Youth Services of Oakland bought the place in 2004. They put a lot of money into it, but only got one of the homes operating. I felt there were a lot of troubled kids there, too. I only saw boys, but there were girls, too. The staff kept to themselves and never accepted my offers to bring animals over for the kids. The manager’s house stayed boarded up. They closed their doors in 2010. I bought the place in October of 2012 in what I call a blessed event. The financial officer called me out of the blue to say he heard I wanted to buy it. I told him what I could afford, which was about half what they paid. Several months later, he called me to tell me to write up an offer. In case it matters, I’ve dedicated it to my mom and dad, whose estate helped me buy it.”

So much of the activity, she felt, originated from the group home and the manager’s home on that property, but the energy flip/flopped to the rest of her property, where she lives and houses her animals.

The current owner continued, “Concerning the manager’s residence on the newly acquired property. I left the electricity on so that the hall lights and motion detectors would deter vandals that had been frequenting the property before we bought it and, I believe, even a while afterward. At night, I would see lights shining through the windows as if the dining room lights were on. There were lights in the hall that weren’t on before... I finally turned off the breakers so no lights would shine at all, partly to conserve electricity and partly because it was a little unnerving to see lights shifting around the old building like that.”

“As stated before, we had a person move onto the property with a trailer and that person was not working out for us. She didn’t spend much time there and left soon after. People who knew her were surprised she left so quickly and easily. I believe she could feel the negative energy I feel is there at the manager’s residence on the newly acquired property, which is where she stored a lot of her things, the things she got out of her storage locker. I’d like to think the spirits were helping me, because I feel she was not right for our organization.”

So, because we cannot go on one person’s word alone, off we, at GOLD RUSH GHOSTS INTERNATIONAL PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS, went on another paranormal investigation. The following notes are from the assessments of our group investigation.

TYSON SHEEDY – HEAD INVESTIGATOR ON THIS INVESTIGATION stated, “When entering the property we split into two groups, since there was so much ground to cover. Group A was led by Cat Noble and included Nolan, Laura, Cindy W., and any guest investigators brought along. They started with the main house and barns and then came over to the buildings across the road. Group B included me, Danielle, Cindy, Ken and Jason Bracher, with Robert and Wayne on extra equipment and moving cameras. We started at the buildings across the road. We didn’t get a chance to really explore the main house and barns, but what I did feel was all positive there. There were a lot of animals and good energy around. Now, the other side of the road a different type of energy was present, and that was where the children’s group home was. There were three areas that had lots of energy. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any readings on the EMF meter to back anything up, but I did get a few photos.

1. Private manager’s old residence, newer property: This is where the most activity was for me. I had been told by the owner that there should be feelings of negativity and fear throughout the house. The building is in the shape of a cross (I found out later that it was built by a Christian group as a children’s home). The hot spots were in the front and back of the house. The meters indicated there could have been a spirit in the back of the pink room. I picked up on a male energy, a large man, very dominating. I had trouble breathing in this room. When I walked through the hallway from the pink room to the front of the house, I could see an imprint of young girls running from the pink room to the front room. They appeared to be barefoot. They were running to hide in the closets in the front room, perhaps playing hide and seek. Once I left this building, I had a horrible headache. Cindy B and I walked from this building to the “Milking Parlor,” and halfway between the buildings, we both stopped in our tracks. We both had goose bumps and felt as if something had moved through us. I believe it was the male spirit from the pink room. At the end of the investigation, I went back to this building and explored the front storage area. There was a hole in the floorboards that led under the house. I didn’t get anything on photos.

2. Meeting Hall: Again this building was built in the shape of a cross. I picked up on imprints in the long hallway of rooms. I saw teenage boys being kept in rooms. There could have been a lot of anger and frustration. I found out later that this is where the Fred Finch Youth Center housed at-risk teenagers.

3. Shop Building: This was the oldest building on the property. The pictures attached are from here. There are quite a few orbs in them. It was hard for me to breathe and at one point my abdomen started hurting I have no idea why. Even though I physically felt terrible, mentally I was calm. The room had a very calming effect on me.

Overall, it was a great investigation. There was plenty to explore and plenty of activity. A few of us stayed late to talk to the current owner about the investigation. Danielle, Laura, Cindy W. and I filled her in on the process and answered what questions we could for her. We told her that all the findings needed to be analyzed and that our team would be in contact with her about the results. Then she let us feed the miniature and large horses in the moonlight – an amazing experience.”

LAURA MARTUCCI stated, “For the most part, Cindy Wingard and I worked as a team on this investigation. We went through the south side of the older acquired property going through B-Barn, the Hay Barn, the property owner’s house, and the A-Barn. Starting with the B-Barn rows of stalls, I felt a lot of animal spirits. Entering the north door about two-thirds the way down the row of stalls, I felt the most energy and it was heavy, perhaps animals giving birth. I really felt the heavy feeling of the pain of birth. Moving on to the hay barn, I felt the energy of spirit having fun helping with the feeding of the animals along with the property owner.

In the property owner’s house, I was able to acquire a photo of an orb from her living room to the kitchen area. I was drawn to the master bedroom where the energy was peaceful. The owner told me she is never alone in that room, as spirit is very active there. The A-Barn just felt great and was newly built. The property around the buildings had a great feeling of freedom and peace with all the live animals around. I have never felt so good. It was wonderful, as she is a blessing to them all.

Concerning the north side of the property, which was the private manager’s residence and the old group children’s home, I was unable to get much there as far as proof or even information. As far as the group home, nothing came through for me, perhaps because I did not want to go through any painful energy.”

CINDY WINGARD stated, “I was with Laura, and was joined by Cat, Nolan, Nolan’s friend and Cat’s niece, guests to our organization. We started talking photos and felt the most activity between stalls 10 and 12. I felt that someone might have met their death there - could be human or animal, as all energy comes from a higher place and does not discriminate. I did feel a male human energy there, a good spirit that had affection for the animals and his duty there. Throughout the property I had the name of Billy or Bob that came through. Orb photos were acquired there.

We then went to the feed barn and I didn’t feel any energy there, but when we went to the other side of the barn, where the horses are kept, I had a strong energy feeling, but was not certain what it was. Again, orb photos appeared at that site. We did not attempt to take EVPs, as there was too much noise to think we could get any spirit voices or recordings, which was unfortunate.

We then went into the mobile home where the owner lives. There was an immediate feeling of spirit energy again. I felt that it was male energy in the house. I really felt that the energy came from the front of the building and then when we were back near the bedroom there was major energy.
While we were walking the grounds accompanied by the property owner, I had the impression of two people of small stature around us. I told the owner about this and she stated that she had lost both her parents and felt that it was them and that they were there to show support of her work.

We then went across the street to the main manager’s house where we walked into this house/church type building. I immediately felt sick to my stomach. I tried to separate myself from the group for a bit to see if I could pick up anything and I felt there was a male, dark hair, very dominate type person’s ghost there. I felt that his energy was really heavy. When I say that, I mean he was a very strong person. There is a room that has a heater and water heater in it that was unnerving. When I opened that door, again I got that pit in my stomach, that “yuck” feeling.

I went through that building taking photos and in one room in particular I found myself wanting to take the photos from a child’s view or level. I then got the impression of a little blond girl running through the building. She did not seem especially concerned about anything.”

CINDY BRACHER’S assessment was overwhelming. She stated,“ It was GREAT! I never felt spirits like that before. One room was so congested with spirits that I had to run out of the house because it overwhelmed me. Goose bumps were everywhere over my body.”

NOLAN NOBLE stated, “For our observations, hotspots we encountered in the house were in the property owner’s bathroom around the ornate mirror. Both my fiancé and I felt heavy energy although photos did not pick up anything. In Barn B on the left side, there was a stall with bicycles in it and a large drooping spider web in it. My fiancé’ said he felt very uneasy and alarmed, but again, photos did not show anything. In Barn A, the door facing the house was heavy energy and we both encountered dizziness. In the other buildings, we felt more energy forms. In the residential old manager’s building, there was what appeared to be a vortex next to the water heater. In the living room we picked up heavy energy near the far wall, which was verified by the orb photo. The house with the padded room had the heaviest energy it appeared sad and very angry. There was an impression of loneliness, sadness, anger, and hatefulness and these feelings were very prevalent. In the second-to-last room, down the hall facing the exit, one could feel extreme anger and violence. I immediately received the impression of a male in the place, about fifteen years old, and he kept trying to run away. I often felt spider webs in my hair.”

DANIELLE CARPENTER stated, “Scientifically, I did not get much of anything with the exception of some small orbs on film. In the private manager’s residence on the newly acquired property, I did get EMF fluctuations in different parts of the room from 0.2, 0.5, 0.6 to 2.5 and 3.6. I checked the lights and they did not affect the meter like this. This room happened to be the room I felt was the heaviest and saddest.

I also felt a person walking up and down the hallway all the time, monitoring things. The shop on the premises also felt heavy - like someone was injured on the second floor.

When approaching the owner’s side of the street where she lives and the live animals are, it felt wonderful, amazing. There were live animals everywhere. I investigated more on the other side of the street however, in the buildings where the children’s home was and the property which was more recently purchased. The children’s home was full of mixed emotions and heavy energy from things taken place on the property, from poverty-stricken farmers to what went on when the children’s home and shop were there. A just plain unhappy feeling fell all over me – an energy of sadness among some good times.

I feel the property needs a good cleansing and healing bath! I believe her animal work will help heal any problems that might exist on the land in time, but for now this part of the property seriously needs a spiritual cleaning.

Her horses and animals are amazing. Seeing such happy horses by moonlight was a highlight for me in the investigation.”

CAT NOBLE stated, “From my interpretation, I found the energy at the ranch soft and not negative. My niece and guest Gabrielle felt a cold spot in Barn B, but not being educated in such things, it freaked her out and she ran from it. I went to take photos, but my camera was not charging. (This often happens on investigations as spirits depletes energy from equipment.) On the other side of the street, where Robert set up cameras in the first building, I personally didn’t feel or sense anything. In the group children’s home buildings I entered the common area beyond the laundry room and felt dizzy, and even as I walked down the hall to the left, I felt dizzy. This is a clear sign of ghostly activity. I felt the energy was heavy, but I didn’t have anything really anomalous occur to me personally.”

JASON and KEN BRACHER stated, “We felt the most activity in the children’s home. There were vibes all around. The main activity for us was seeing a little spirit boy looking out of one of the bedroom windows. He looked so sad.”

WAYNE PETERSON stated, “I was unable to really participate this time as I was asked to help watch and monitor the equipment with Robert. We will see what transpires from there.”

ROBERT REPPERT – OWNER OF GOLD RUSH GHOSTS INTERNATIONAL PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS, concerning the equipment findings. ”The only video camera activity we were able to pick up were a few orbs in the hall of the children’s home. There is little concrete evidence available from our advanced equipment of spirits or ghosts on the property. No EVPs were available, as there were noisy neighbors about which obscured any possible spirit sounds or voices. No spirits or ghosts appeared on camera, likely because of all the activity going on, neighbors. My thanks go to WAYNE PETERSON for his help on the equipment, as well as JASON and KEN BRACHER. Without you all, I could not have gotten it done.”


PROVIDED BY NANCY BRADLEY, ONE OF THE TOP TEN PSYCHICS IN THE WORLD, LIFE COACH, and ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST “Although I did not go along on this investigation, from my own observations and impressions from spirit, concerning the newer part of the property where the owner lives and animals are housed, there are several spirits, meaning, entities that come and go. There is the spirit of a Terrier dog, which I later learned belonged to the owner of the property and showed up on one of the still photos. On the same still photo are the faces of three other entities, all spirits, not ghosts, and in the middle of the same photo a female face. I do believe that the owner of the property knows these people, and that they are relatives.

I also picked up the entities of several children that did not make it into this world, either by abortion, miscarriage, or by being stillborn. As we all know, we cannot feel badly for these entities, as they will recycle, so they will have their chance to be born into life on this planet.

Ghost activity is a different energy, as ghosts are IMPRINTS of when someone was on site; they are actually no longer there. As far as GHOSTS, we have MANY on the newest property, mainly around and in the children’s home. We cannot pin-point when or under whose watch this energy that remains occurred, but it is common knowledge that negative ghostly energy overcomes positive when it comes to leaving an indelible stain on a site if this should be the case here.

I think we actually bit off more than we could chew on this investigation. There was much too much to deal with to give a complete evaluation on just one investigation. We need to come back and take the newer property as one investigation, and probably two subsequent investigations strictly to identify what is on the property which houses the children’s home.”

THE CURRENT OWNER’S LATEST ENCOUNTER STATEMENT: “Several months ago when I was going through the house with the architect, I couldn’t find our old dog, Cooper, after we were done. I called throughout the house. We spent several hours going throughout the 13 acres. I finally went back to the crawl space opening and called out, while shining the flashlight into the hole of the old manager’s building. I heard a little noise and Cooper emerged a few minutes later. I felt really uncomfortable about this episode and have never liked being in this room since. It was like something lured him in. I still sing out loud when I go into this side of the house by myself to keep from being fearful.”

A date has been set for our crew to come out again and get a better feel for the property. Judy Cooper, energy remover and healer, will accompany us to go back and assess what is there and to remove any negative energy if indeed there is any there at the property to give the owner peace of mind.

“What is there? More than we are able to access and tell you about at this time. We will keep you posted in our next installment. Stay tuned...


Ms. Bradley can currently be seen on the SyFy Channel’s HAUNTED HIGHWAYS, the Travel Channel’s HAUNTED HOTEL SERIES, and on CW31 CBS GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO. Ms. Bradley’s Web for more information is: WWW.NANCYBRADLEY.ORG. and WWW.GOLDRUSHGHOSTS.COM

Article Copyright© Nancy Bradley - reproduced with permission.

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