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Nancy Bradley

Sacramento state capitol building ghosts

September 9, 2009 | Comment icon 1 comment

Image Credit: Nancy Bradley
[!gad]With a 50,000-acre land grant from the Mexican government, Captain John Sutter, in 1839, settled at the adjoining banks of the American and Sacramento rivers in California. In 1848, the official town of Sacramento was laid out on Sutter’s property. As you recall, it was that same year that James Marshall discovered the gold that started the great California Gold Rush, near the south fork of the American River.

Sacramento quickly grew. Although early days saw at least two major floods and fires that devastated at least two-thirds of the town, Sacramento folks even then were hearty people. After much argument, visionaries chose it as the state’s capital in 1854. When the first railroad in California connected Sacramento with Folsom, they knew they were on their way. In 1869, they were delighted as the transcontinental railroad was completed. Architecture took hold, and the state prospered.

The good times did not come without a price. A price paid in toil, lives, hardships, pain and tears. And California, from then to now, holds a great amount of ghosts and spirits. Here are some hauntingly interesting things that have attributed to the paranormal history of the State Capitol Building on 10th Street between L and N, in Sacramento, California. And here are some things that are told to be, as well as what is truthfully happening there today.

Today we ask you to take the interesting walk into history with GOLD RUSH GHOSTS INTERNATIONAL PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS and the television show INVESTIGATING THE UNKNOWN as we tell you about this incredibly restored Capitol Building. The building, with beautiful manicured grounds for all outside appearances would appear to be calm. For years they offered one hour guided tours and an interesting ten minute film that concerns itself with the Capitol’s history and boasted many historic and artistic exhibits. Truly they did not anticipate anything strange or unknown to be happening when conducting these tours. And yet its time to question. One can easily observe the unique ornate dome which rises 210 feet above the street. It too is impressive, and yet there is a certain aura around it that is strange and questionable on many evenings. What makes this building one that people refer to as haunted? The building houses the State Legislature, the Governor’s and Lieutenant Governor’s offices. Originally built in 1860-74, it is a Victorian of grand magnitude as would be befitting a state Capitol building. It houses mystery and intrigue. And as you enter the doors, you may find what we at GOLD RUSH GHOSTS have known for many years, and that is you just may find a ghost or two. We know, because we were here years ago to find out ‘what was going on’ at the building! Strange sounds with doors opening and shutting with unseen hands, things rushing by that cannot be identified, and entities once thought to be living people, walking through walls and disappearing on the stairs. Surely could be a frightening thing to those that work there, as was reported to us by employees, not to mention unsuspecting people that are visiting.

We have known for many years, in fact ever since we wrote INCREDIBLE WORLD OF GOLD RUSH GHOSTS first edition in 1998, (the book that is the bible for so many paranormal groups in the area), that there is the sound of a lone eagle heard throughout the halls. What an eagle would be doing inside the Capitol Building has been an interesting question for many. We know now as we knew then, that during the bird’s lifetime it had circled the area, and an old caretaker on the property loved to feed the birds, the bigger the better. We assume as there have been no reports of bird droppings inside the building that the long deceased Eagle is coming back for another handout.

We love the bird but are more interested today in the heated voices from the past. You can still hear the shuffling of feet, the rustling of paperwork, and hear the closing of files in unoccupied rooms. These are certainly things to think about, especially in rooms where there is no one around.

Or is there? Another person who wrote to GOLD RUSH GHOSTS told us of her experience. “I came to the capital with a class and took the tour. It was a rainy late afternoon and quite dim. Out of the corner of my eye I encountered several men coming from one of the conference rooms. They were all dressed in black suits and cross ties, and raced past me, as if they were gong to a fire. They were conversing with each other and totally ignored me and my group. It appeared by the way they were acting that something charged and important was going on. Their voices seemed heated, and they all walked down the hall in a frenzied fashion. And then they disappeared.”

She excitedly continued her story. “It all happened within the space of a few seconds. I blinked my eyes to see if I had somehow hallucinated or had a mini-stroke or something. Seeing as I do not do drugs, don’t drink and have no particular health problems, I can only tell you, I SAW GHOSTS!

Another in the many emails that come to GOLD RUSH GHOSTS INTERNATIONAL PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS was a person that spoke about visiting the Capitol and she also felt she had experienced ghosts. “I was walking down the hall” she told us, “When two men in old-type black clothing brushed past me. What made the most impact on me was their boots. They produced a great amount of noise when they walked. And then they were gone, I don’t know where. They could not have turned into a room that quickly. I kept looking around for them because it did not make sense. For about two minutes after they disappeared, I could still hear those boots walking down the hallway and up the stairs. When I thought back about it, I don’t know why they were wearing boots with their suits. To say all of this was strange would be an understatement.”

Of course any good paranormal investigator would expect ghosts in the Capitol building. A lot of legislation takes place there today and a lot of legislation has taken place over the years. A lot of California’s future history was decided right there. It would be a folly to think there were NOT ghosts at the Capitol building.

“And then there is the crying lady in the window,” another witness told us. “She is slumped over a chair, looking out, sobbing. Wonder what her story is?”

Well, as those around the building were suggesting, it was time we took another look. After all, since the GOVERNATOR Arnold Schwarzenegger is now hanging around, could such strange occurrences have a different impact? Could his larger than life image have frightened off any unsuspecting spirits? Lets’ take a look!

On August 15th, 2009 we made our way to the state Capitol building. It was a beautiful summer day, but we were more interested in the building after dark. We took in the sights and sounds and we explored as investigators all parts of the building that we were permitted to go about during this day. Photos were secured and meters were monitored for activity. We were told going into this investigation that other paranormal groups had shown an interest in the building over the years, (Most having read our book) some had already been there recently in fact, and there was real concern about one group headed by known unscrupulous media hounds in the business trying to get themselves on television always giving out false information. Groups like this are an annoyance to us as they are only looking to build their names and ego at the expense of the press they use badly, TV, radio and on line sites where they suck in the unsuspecting. There is always an underlining need for truth in ghost and spirit investigative paranormal work, not fun and games at the expense of a vulnerable public. There is no room with GRG for ridiculous assertions and questionable stories. The Capitol needed GOLD RUSH GHOSTS and our million dollars worth of paranormal equipment to PROVE the existence or non-existence of paranormal activity, so off we went.

On this day on the lawn of the building near the front steps there was a reading of 1.0-5.3mg with the EMF meter. On EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) we heard the words “GET OUT OF THE WAY.” Interesting.

Next we went to the far Southern Corner of the building and as we circled, we were able to corner ORBS to the walkway and the form of a man on the steps. I blinked and he was gone. I cannot ascertain if he was really there as a ghost or not, again, I blinked. And so we went on. Further meter readings were felt at numbers 4.2-7.5milligaus EMF and a temperature variance of 15 degrees on the thermometer. As we continued on with our investigation, we incorporated the use of the FLIR camera to show the heat variances and if there was a stand out spot. We were able to capture what looked like footprints going up the stairs of the main entrance. As we observed them they disappeared as we watched.

As evening approached, we wandered around the building admiring the sites this part of town presents. It is quite lovely at night, the stars and large buildings compromising for space as the eye looks upward to the sky. It was a warm and beautiful night easy to see about. In the darkness we could see forms inside the building. How many were live folks, and how many are back from the other side? As aircraft hovered overhead, we could enjoy the change in lighting inside, the meters registered activity.

So here is the challenge. Gov. Schwarzenegger, we maintain over a million dollars worth of the most up-to-date state-of-the-art paranormal equipment in the world. We can actually SHOW you the ghosts and spirits in the Capital Building if you are interested. We are the oldest and largest paranormal investigative organization in the world. Please give us a call and let us help you SEE and HEAR and ENCOUNTER what is in your Capitol Building. We give you TRUTH. Please call: (530) 622-0977 or write to us as WWW.GOLDRUSHGHOSTS.COM. No charge for coming out of course. We are easy to work with and have no ax to grind. LET’S DO IT!

If you would like to be a Ghostbuster, our book BE A GHOSTBUSTER WITH GOLD RUSH GHOSTS (From the Television Show Investigating the Unknown) is available through UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES.COM Give us a call at (530) 622-0977 or and let us know you heard about us at UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES.

Copyright @2009 Nancy Bradley one time rights.

For more information about NANCY and Gold Rush Ghosts please go toWWW.NANCYBRADLEY.ORG and WWW.GOLDRUSHGHOSTS.COM

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