Saturday, September 19, 2020
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  Columnist: Nancy Bradley

Image credit: Nancy Bradley

Strange orbs on the stairs

Posted on Thursday, 14 January, 2010 | 2 comments
Columnist: Nancy Bradley

[!gad]My office in northern California has been dubbed the “Enchanted Cottage.” Although it is in a small town about 30 miles outside of Sacramento, I am reluctant to move my Friday Night Psychic Classes to a larger location closer to a big city because of the extreme psychic energy that is represented here. Those who come to the classes agree that it is worth the drive not only to hear the lectures, but to enjoy the spirits that reside here with me.

The cottage area, by all accounts (and confirmed by former Historian of the area Dennis Witcher), was the site of the miner’s mortuary in the 1800s. It was also the location of a doctor’s office and the toll house where you would pay to cross the bridge to the next town. By coincidence, the doctor was also the mortician, which in most cases would make it spooky to come in to be treated for a cold and see a body propped up in the window. The doctor’s hopes were that someone would claim the remains. The thought of going in for a cold and going out in a box surely must have crossed the mind of many an old miner who took the risk. For all the history and wonderment of it all, the old doctor’s wife loved the Native Americans of the area, and she saw to it that they were properly cared for when they became ill or injured. They rewarded her with many gifts of baskets and other things they had handmade for her kindness and generosity. Many years after her death, they were almost all turned over to the historic museum. When we built onto the Enchanted Cottage to add the classroom, we found a round rock among the more accustomed jagged ones. Upon turning it over, it turned out to be a Miwok bowl, obviously one that was overlooked those many years ago. We enjoy having it with us today when we do our summer and winter ceremony honoring those who have passed.

Going on to further tell you about the cottage, it is believed that when people died in the winter those many years ago, and the ground was too hard to dig a grave without today’s advanced equipment, the bodies of the deceased would be put in make-shift wooden coffins and stacked in the back room (which is now our utility and laundry room). I can always explain away a missing sock in the dryer as “Whoops, spirit took it!” Still, and more intriguing, the noise from that room can be deafening: the sounds of chains rattling, and wood objects shifting, falling, and objects rolling. Voices and entities are seen and heard throughout the cottage however, and not only in that room. Even those who are not psychic soon are able to generally see and hear them. Leaving the cottage after a reading or attending a Friday night psychic class can easily help one maintain one’s own psychic gift for at least 72 hours. Those that attend the Friday night class state that they are “set up” for the week after attending.

There is a little alcove that sits above the ground floor of the cottage and it is accessed by small steps tightly enclosed on both sides by walls. Spirits form there and reside, seemingly not wanting to leave. There is both spirit energy and ghostly presence we can see and feel there—imprints. Several times we have left a video recorder on all night to monitor the stairs, only to play back data the next day to see what appears to be something that looks like Morse code, or dots and dashes going up and down the stairs all night. This is followed with actual forms: large and small people, and also animals, mostly what appear to be dogs and cats. The forms are seen to such a degree that often we can easily identify if they are male or female, and we are able to describe at least a portion of their attire. Others come in ectoplasmic form, foam-like and not quite as distinguishable.

Members of our crew on many occasions (and we also open this up for every Halloween to allow our clients and students their opportunity also) have sat on the stairs as we record the activity for posterity. The majority of the people who have experienced the stairs have seen their deceased loved ones come and join them, and of course the entities that reside there are more than happy to make their appearance as well. We have recorded our Enchanted Cottage phenomena at the request of national television as well as for our own shows. For you today I am going to include some of the photos that we have taken this year on the stairs and also a picture or two of the enchanted cottage. As you can see, we are nestled between many trees and shrubs. It is lovely and (one more time) enchanting. I never want to leave the cottage to go to my own home as this one has the feel of “grandma and “old-fashioned times” and the comfort of never being alone or having anything to fear. I hope some day you have the opportunity to come and see for yourself. If not, here are some things that might be of interest.

HAPPY GHOST HUNTING wherever you are!


Copyright@2009 Nancy Bradley one time rights only

Article Copyright© Nancy Bradley - reproduced with permission.

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