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Mark Dohle

Deeply rooted

8-20-2015 | 3

I was at Vina for three days when Bernard gave me a tour of the grounds around the Monastery. As we drove around h...

Mark Dohle

Those we meet on the way

8-13-2013 | 0

It is often true that some of the favors or mercies, shown to us by others, those most remembered, are the small in...

Mark Dohle

Near-death experience

7-26-2013 | 0

For the past 30 years the NDE (near-death-experience) has been of great interest to me. I think it is an important...

Mark Dohle

Help along the way

10-25-2011 | 3

The other morning, as I was working with Richard, who is on Hospice, but may be taken off of it soon (He seems to b...

Mark Dohle

Government programs, Janet and the KISS principle

8-25-2011 | 6

Janet is always in financial trouble, even though she is receiving money from the government to help her to stay af...

Mark Dohle

A veteran from Iraq

8-9-2011 | 10

It was one of those wonderful Georgia days in mid-February, which resembled more a day in spring than one in the mi...

Mark Dohle

NDEs, shamanism, and private revelation in the Catholic tradition

7-12-2011 | 8

All through out history, our species has experienced breakthroughs from what we call the spiritual world. Shamanis...

Mark Dohle

Ideals and beliefs and human experience

6-26-2011 | 3

I have never been able to accept a materialist account of reality. I guess the brain weighs about 3lbs, wet meat, ...

Mark Dohle


5-11-2011 | 16

I often wonder; what would happen if I were to actually write down the different voices that clamor for attention i...

Mark Dohle

From a distance

1-14-2011 | 10

Years ago there was a song that was quite popular for awhile, its title was, “God is watching from a distance”,...

Mark Dohle

In review: Glimpses of eternity

12-6-2010 | 16

In the 70’s, Raymond Moody (along with Kubler Ross) brought to the attention of millions of people the reality of...

Mark Dohle

The wonder of writing

11-10-2010 | 11

Writing at one time in my life was something that I actually hated to do. In school it was something you did for g...

Mark Dohle


9-19-2010 | 22

I often don’t feel real. Especially in my writings, for the flow of thoughts that appear and are expressed seem ...

Mark Dohle

Two ways

8-14-2010 | 7

There always seems to be two ways in dealing with personal problems, both those in the present or those flowing fro...

Mark Dohle

The underneath

6-27-2010 | 9

It was one of those nights. I woke up very early, about 10 PM and was not able to go back to sleep. At times, this ...

Mark Dohle

The couple

5-25-2010 | 6

The couple entered the waiting room about 30 minutes after I had arrived. I was going to be there for about three ...

Mark Dohle

Community ( it is all about the fight )

5-13-2010 | 3

I remember the moment opened up Scott Peck's book "The road less travelled" and read the beginning. It said "Life ...

Mark Dohle

Life and fiction

4-25-2010 | 6

I have always loved fictional writings. Stories of another life, being able to get inside and see existence from t...

Mark Dohle

Life's language

3-30-2010 | 10

Life is either about something greater than we can comprehend at this point in our existence or it really not much ...

Mark Dohle

What we offer

3-6-2010 | 0

I think most people are seeking (metaphorical speaking), to get outside of their own skin, to feel less isolated an...

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