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Mark Dohle

Those we meet on the way

August 13, 2013 | Comment icon 0 comments

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[!gad]It is often true that some of the favors or mercies, shown to us by others, those most remembered, are the small instances that may make the biggest impact. Perhaps this is so because it can be done in such a spontaneous manner, done freely and without any thought of getting anything in return.There was an instance I guess more than a few years ago, when a plane crashed landed, in France (?), I believe. The worst of course was thought to have happened and that there would be many dead and injured. Yet, when the rescue crews got there, all the people were out of the plane, safe and sound. It seemed that those who were passing by in their cars, stopped and helped. Got the people out of the plane and then when everyone was safe, they just left, got back in there cars and drove off…. neither waiting for, nor, wanting any kind of recognition. It happened spontaneously. Now the people who helped out, because the plane was not on fire etc., possibly did not think they did all that much. For after all, they did not risk life and limb in doing their good deed. Yet for those who were helped, I would think this would have a deep impact on their lives and hopefully on those that they would meet for the rest of their earthly lives.

I would suppose we all do things like that in our lives, helped out someone without any thought that we were doing anything important and who knows, possibly we do it more than we know, because again, it is done without thought, without ego and without any thought of being seen or watched.

In the NDE, whatever anyone wants to make of the tunnel, light, the being of love etc., to believe it is real or not, is in the end unimportant. I say this because I believe the “the life review” is at the heart of the experience, at least for those who came back. If you read the accounts of those who had NDE’s, some of the most important acts done by those having the experience of reviewing their life, were about helping others in ways that were considered unimportant, small and of no significance. It is a strange development and if thought about and deeply pondered, can throw on its head many of the things we think important, but in reality may not be at all. They are modern parables given to be meditated upon.

I am not sure how this ability to remember not only all of ones life, as well as how others experienced us in the first person, could have evolved. In any-case it seems to be part of the dying process, at least for some, how many I have no idea. Nevertheless, I hope that this aspect of the NDE is given the attention it deserves. I believe compared to this, all the rest, as beautiful and as important as they may be, is in reality cotton candy to what is being taught to us by those who have experienced the life review. I believe that the experience of the life review points to the often overlooked reality, of the dignity of those we meet, help, love, hate, hurt and ignore on the way. How we treat ourselves and others is important and perhaps the central point of our lives. The place where we grow into being the person we are meant to be. I wonder what our cultures would look like if this was learned. I believe that our societies are mirrors of our souls, for where do our cultures come from, they come from us. Yes our cities, families and the state of our countries are a hall of mirrors, often difficult to observe and learn from.

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