Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Kathleen Meadows

Spiritual opening triggered by trauma

12-23-2014 | 4

I was speaking with a dear friend the other day who suffered a profound loss recently. It was the death of a loved ...

Paul Dale Roberts

An interview with Paul Dale Roberts

12-17-2014 | 0

Brett L. Byrd recently caught up with veteran paranormal investigator and researcher Paul Dale Roberts to ask him a...

Kathleen Meadows

Turning 60

12-4-2014 | 0

I celebrated my 60th birthday last Friday. It was a quiet affair with a luncheon prepared by my husband along with...

Brendan D. Murphy

Diary of a DNA potentiator

11-28-2014 | 0

In New Dawn magazine No. 133 (July-August 2012), I had a piece entitled Diary of a DNA Potentiator (which was also ...

Arnold Isen

Rise of the Mont Order secret society

11-21-2014 | 0

The Mont Order, a possible revival of several much older and more powerful secret fraternities bearing names like “...

Deanna Jaxine Stinson

The mystic power of seashells

11-13-2014 | 10

Seashells are very beautiful pieces of the ocean. Seashells have been used in many different cultures as money, art...

Rob MacGregor

Alien abductions of children

11-6-2014 | 0

You might think there’s nothing quite so eerie as the idea of being abducted by alien beings, placed on a table and...

Robert Torres

Three strange extraterrestrial encounters

11-2-2014 | 0

While growing up in a small CT shoreline town outside New Haven, I never really believed in anything. I guess I was...

Kathleen Meadows

When the clock strikes 1:11

10-27-2014 | 10

Years ago my mother commented that every time she looked at the clock, it was displaying the three same numbers. N...

Peter Fotis Kapnistos

Porous Earth, hidden ocean

10-23-2014 | 1

In ancient times, subterranean realms were associated with the Greek Hades, the Nordic Svartalfheim, the Christian ...

Edward Crabtree

Primates of the paranormal ?

10-17-2014 | 1

This year, at last, the first severed arm of a Sasquatch was found! From the unlikely setting of Liberty County, ne...

Kathleen Meadows

What do nightmares mean ?

10-12-2014 | 19

Everyone has nightmares. Being chased by something or someone intending us harm; falling in an abyss without a par...

Peter Fotis Kapnistos

Did Hitler survive WWII ?

10-7-2014 | 3

First published in 1968, “The Death of Adolf Hitler: Unknown Documents from Soviet Archives,” by journalist Lev Bez...

Arnold Isen

Dead Space and the Heaven's Gate cult

10-2-2014 | 2

Gamers have often tried to compare the fictional Church of Unitology, featured as a villainous cult in the popular ...

Brendan D. Murphy

Junk DNA (revised)

9-29-2014 | 2

Something that is not particularly widely known about the mind-body connection today is that, since the early 1940s...

Dan Green

Shakespeare and the Magdalene

9-22-2014 | 1

For almost ten years having decoded cryptic clues stored at Rennes-le-Chateau in France that led over to England, I...

Jann Burner

On writing

9-17-2014 | 5

I think "we", as eternal consciousness visiting, inhabiting and exploring the 3d Earth plain have made an error in ...

T. H. Hughes

Washington DC and ancient Egyptian technology

9-12-2014 | 2

For many decades, perhaps earlier than that even, people in the Washington DC area have noticed a strange occurrenc...

Peter Fotis Kapnistos

Aristocrat vampires

9-7-2014 | 6

“They have long been famed for their love of lavish banquets and rich recipes. But what is less well known is that ...

Kathleen Meadows

Fate: the good and the bad

9-2-2014 | 2

Most people believe in fate. You may not count yourself among that majority, until something happens that cannot b...

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