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  Columnist: Arnold Isen

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Rise of the Mont Order secret society

Posted on Friday, 21 November, 2014 | 0 comments
Columnist: Arnold Isen

The Mont Order, a possible revival of several much older and more powerful secret fraternities bearing names like “La Montagne”, “The Inner Order”, “Group Zero”, or simply “The Order”, has proven to have greater influence than anyone expected during 2014. My earlier articles documented some of the first initial reports of this mysterious group’s existence, leading up to this development.

Currently, the best existing source compiling all information on the Mont Order society into a single dossier has been put together by author Liam Quaid and is available at a new website called the Mont Order Conspiracy Observatory. An explanatory video was created by me during my peer-reviewing of the essay to help draw attention to the subject matter, and is included here.

Prompted by its exposure on the internet in what has already been branded a conspiracy theory, the arcane and seemingly ancient Mont Order society has already made some of its first cleverly moderated appearances for public consumption. Sometimes identifying itself as a student group, and at other times as a broad coalition of thinkers and artists, the Mont society has downplayed speculation on its origins.

In a June statement variously attributed to “a friend” and “the Grand Master” of the Mont Order, a person identified only as L’Ordre, we gain insight into what could be the group’s true origins:

“To respect a belief, we must first understand that belief. The Mont Order, which has many other names, is a term used to refer to the tradition by which activists and philosophers have historically compared the social and spiritual journey of mankind with the journey to the summit of a mountain. In such times when it has been a gathering of kindred students and philosophers, the Mont Order has claimed a special relationship to this metaphor, using it to drive forward a powerful symbol of spiritual progress and liberation.”

L’Ordre claims that the Mont Order still “stands as a celebration by a few devoted students of the ultimate symbol of thousands of years of enduring faith in enlightenment and change as catalysts for a righteous lifestyle.” The June statement contests the Mont Order’s reputation as a secret society, arguing that the Order is only a club of students and thinkers motivated by a desire for a pluralistic and harmonious society. In addition, attempts have apparently been made on Twitter to satirize the Order and make it appear less serious, as if to combat its more sinister reputation.
It is possible that the L’Ordre personality responsible for the Order’s press releases is at the top world faith website Beliefnet via a blog of the same name, L’Ordre. The blog refers to a Mont “identity and mystique” that will compete with national identities and myths in hope of eventually displacing them to support a stateless utopian society. The Beliefnet-based blog also supplies the Mont Order’s list of public associates on a web page.

The fixation on eliminating states to create a utopian society is not new. It was the long-term goal of all communist societies in the Twentieth Century. It is also consistent with the L’Ordre blog’s backing for Jacque Fresco’s futuristic Venus Project, similar to utopian communism in its search to overturn norms of state and monetary economics in order to usher in a global resource-based economy (RBE). In articles at the magazine most responsible for communicating the Venus Project’s ideology and aims to the world, there are repeatedly affirmed commitments to the utopian idea of a resource-based economy.

The extent to which the Venus Project is linked to the name of L’Ordre and the Mont Order is difficult to establish. However, also in evidence are commitments to radical human enhancement and mind control agendas through his involvement in the transhumanist movement, including a group known as the WAVE movement. WAVE itself is strongly associated with the Mont Order, with a special place on its public lists of recommended organizations.

The WAVE movement, created and led by a man known only as M. Amon Twyman, who has already been linked to the human microchipping and mind control agenda protested in many online forums, declared a “collaborative connection” with the Mont Order society on 4 September 2014. This was followed by WAVE’s media arm, the Wave Chronicle, connecting with the Mont Order and adding the prestigious society to its public list of supporting organizations: an act reciprocated immediately by the Order at its own public membership list.

Why would groups so heavily associated with secrecy and determined to hide their technocratic agendas from the world feel the need to publish membership lists at all? The Mont Order guarantees not of the privacy of members, but “its privacy”. The privacy of the Order itself, placing the security and secrecy of the Order itself above the rights of any individual members. In at least that regard, this iteration of the Mont Order sect is just as involved in deifying and revering itself as the mythic group described in the vast prayer texts of The Work of the Mont Order was.

The Mont Order’s influence may run even deeper than these reported involvements in the high futurist fringes of liberal politics. Twitter accounts central to Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous have tweeted Mont Order press releases, thereby disseminating the message of the Order throughout the radical left’s most successful and prominent movement of the Twenty-First Century.

Since its earliest exposure to the public in modern media in 2013, the Mont Order has taken an increasingly more visible form. Portraying itself as an originally defunct network that is gradually seeking to restore its status as an influential secret society, the Order has confirmed its influence over a growing list of individuals and entities. This growth can be expected to strengthen the Order in credibility and influence significantly, bringing this secret society ever closer to its technocratic vision of new world order.

Article Copyright© Arnold Isen - reproduced with permission.

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