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The UFO Phenomenon

FBI investigate Houston pilot sighting

June 13, 2009 | Comment icon 2 comments

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Sam Willey speaks to FBI special agent Patricia Villafranca about their recent investigation in to a missile-shaped UFO that was reported by a continental airlines pilot flying towards the aircraft back at the end of May.
On Friday May 29th 2009 a pilot and co-pilot of a continental airlines flight reported seeing a missile shaped object fly towards their aircraft. The airplane was leaving the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston at the time. An investigation was launched by the FAA, the Liberty Sheriff Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigations."

Source: UFO Radio | Comments (2)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by ROGER 13 years ago
"The current position of the FBI on this matter is that nobody so far as come forward claiming responsibility for the incident." Oh sure, your kid sends up a model rocket that almost hits a plane and they want some one to say: "OH ya, That was ME!" "OOOOPS" :st
Comment icon #2 Posted by Cookes453 13 years ago
"Villafranca was only able to offer one possibility with regards to where this object might have landed, if indeed it has landed. Apparently a lot of swamp and other water exists in the area and the agent announced it is “possible” this is the whereabouts of the object, however it may be irretriveable." It was just swamp gas, right? Lol

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