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Nature & Environment

Giant snakes invade Florida

By T.K. Randall
September 19, 2009 · Comment icon 14 comments

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Already facing an invasion of giant Burmese pythons Florida is now the home to a growing number of Africa's largest snake, the African rock python. The finding of a pregnant female and hatchlings has confirmed that they are also breeding.
Already squeezed by the invasion of the giant Burmese python, Florida now faces what one scientist calls one of the U.S. state's "worst nightmares."

Source: National Geographic | Comments (14)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by Ohelemapit 15 years ago
Arrghh.. I hate stupid people.. What ever happened to having a damn cat for a pet? They tried that but the snake ate the cat...
Comment icon #6 Posted by Strify 15 years ago
I still don't see why everyone's getting so mad... besides the fact the snakes will ruin the food chain, eat the neighbor's cats, and maybe the neighbors children! oh i see now
Comment icon #7 Posted by Samuronin 15 years ago
Oh boy... this is gonna get bad, I hope they won't kill the pythons..
Comment icon #8 Posted by super 15 years ago
WOW ! The locals get new thing to play with. I bet if government peoples do nothing soon they will hunt the snake down! and on top of that they will say that they are doing this in there self defense
Comment icon #9 Posted by _Libby 15 years ago
African rock pythons... nastiest buggers I've ever come across. Including retics. Although it's obvious that Florida has a big problem, the article still manages to come across as slightly sensationalist, even for nat geo. You should always research thoroughly before committing to any pet-- in this case that means realising that ARPs grow to be relatively giant, takes up a lot of room, will cheerfully bite the hand that feeds and can be nigh on impossible to control. Then perhaps they wouldn't get one. But then this happens, and those people who get huge snakes without the means to properly ca... [More]
Comment icon #10 Posted by Abramelin 15 years ago
I hope they one day set loose Siberian tigers in Alaska. That might be a way to save their species from being completely killed of by trigger happy Russian big-game hunters and impotent Chinese men (tiger bones are believed to enhance fertility...). We humans invaded every nook and cranny of this planet, and messed with the local flora and fauna for many millennia (and yes, western and non-western civilizations both did, just in case you have any romantic ideas). Although I wouldn't want to meet such a snake in the wild, it adds to the experience, eh? People again have to watch out where they ... [More]
Comment icon #11 Posted by Sag!ttarius 15 years ago
I'm pretty sure they can take care of it. The human race is pretty good bringing any species to extinction, surely they can take care of this small snake problem
Comment icon #12 Posted by Juanita Rose Violini 15 years ago
I'm pretty sure they can take care of it. The human race is pretty good bringing any species to extinction, surely they can take care of this small snake problem I think for the extinction thing to work the species have to be living in a resource rich area. Is there oil in the everglades?
Comment icon #13 Posted by behaviour??? 15 years ago
Ugh....Not another one...The county is already in dunes by financial crisis and now not another Monster Thanks B???
Comment icon #14 Posted by Gigmaster 15 years ago
Hot dog! So, when are they going to have a hunting season on them. I am ready!!! Bag one of them, and you'll be having snake-fries for a couple of weeks. Hoo Boy!

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