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Science & Technology

Mount Everest glaciers are shrinking

By T.K. Randall
July 19, 2010 · Comment icon 37 comments

Image Credit: Uwe Gille
Glaciers on Mount Everest have been shrinking over the last 80 years according to new photographs of the region.
The two pictures show an "alarming" retreat in ice over more than 80 years. The first was taken in 1921 by British mountaineer George Mallory, who later died trying to conquer Everest.

Source: Telegraph | Comments (37)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #28 Posted by 14 years ago
The main problem I have with Al Gore is that fundamentally he is in the camp of business as usual, just done better and with less pollution. He presents no radical ideas and believes that market based solutions are enough to prevent climate change. Fundamentally it is the infinite growth based markets which are the root cause of climate change. They are the problem and cannot be the main part of the solution. The situation is far to serious to simply shift the deckchairs on the the deck. We need a radical and far sighted change in how we do everything, and what it means to be a productive huma... [More]
Comment icon #29 Posted by stevewinn 14 years ago
1) there could be massive sea level rise. That's necessarily not alarmist. There is a reality. A sea level rise happening now. 2) IIRC he claimed there could be a 20ft sea level rise if we do nothing about climate change. Notice the wording of things. 3) He didn't tell people not to buy beach front property or that they should move. I fail to see what your problem with it is. The more likely thing is that you want to make a big deal out of nothing to attempt to discredit the political will needed to deal with climate change. This sea level rise, 20ft. is this from melting sea ice?
Comment icon #30 Posted by 14 years ago
This sea level rise, 20ft. is this from melting sea ice? Do you think we are stupid ? Br Cornelius
Comment icon #31 Posted by stevewinn 14 years ago
Do you think we are stupid ? Br Cornelius You YES, others NO.
Comment icon #32 Posted by 14 years ago
You YES, others NO. Can I ask on what basis you make that assertion, otherwise its just an ungrounded insult which is not allowed. Br Cornelius
Comment icon #33 Posted by expandmymind 14 years ago
Since the averaged mean temperature has warmed over the last 100yrs for the planet as a whole - then it is accurate to describe it as Global Warming. Since this causes a range of local climate effects it is accurate to describe the situation as Climate Change. These statements are not contradictory, and the scientists have been using both terms in their appropriate context since the early days of research into recent man made climate shifts. I see no need to qualify my statement regarding climate change causing both glacial retreat and glacial expansion since it is the correct use of the term ... [More]
Comment icon #34 Posted by 14 years ago
i think you're missing my point. i would have no problem with these changes being labeled 'global warming' or 'climate change' if they were merely describing what is happening - there is obviously no arguing this - but they are not being used in that context, instead, they are being used with the foreknowledge that the terms will be interpreted as 'the theory of man made global warming' 'the theory of man made climate change'. the proper terms to use would be, 'warming of the globe' or 'changing of the climate'. both explain exactly what is happening without so obviously trying to promote the ... [More]
Comment icon #35 Posted by expandmymind 14 years ago
well thanks for selectively quoting me in the post above so not to include the bold - i think you meant to say 'due to the climate of the region changing' (it would have been more accurate). to attribute it to 'climate change' is completely different and would be quite an assumption. i still chuckle at the fact they had to substitute global warming for climate change. suppose they needed something to combat all that nasty cold weather, messing up their grants. brrrr. the bold, which quite clearly shows that you've fudged up, is basically what i've tried to explain to you in post #34. so it was... [More]
Comment icon #36 Posted by 14 years ago
I am really finding it impossible to follow the semantic hoops you are jumping through, I made a quote of the bit that had meaning - the other seemed like blatant word play to me. Sorry if I took you up wrong. Br Cornelius
Comment icon #37 Posted by expandmymind 14 years ago
my whole point was to address 'blatant wordplay'.

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