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Parachuting donkey shocks Russian beachgoers

By T.K. Randall
July 21, 2010 · Comment icon 22 comments

Image Credit:
A donkey floating across the sky wearing a parachute stunned beachgoers this week in Russia.
Russian beachgoers got a shock when they saw a donkey soaring in the blue skies over the balmy beaches on the Sea of Azov in southern Russia last week, police said on Tuesday.

Source: Yahoo! News | Comments (22)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #13 Posted by thefinalfrontier 14 years ago
What tripe today, elevators to the moon, parachuting donkeys, and de-baptisms. The Unexplained Mystery is why the hell those stories were posted here! lol, well there is a video of a flying donkey posted just above this one a bit,
Comment icon #14 Posted by Splodgenessabounds 14 years ago
I probably screamed the first time I went swimming. Now I love it. Juat sayin' Seriously though, poor thing .
Comment icon #15 Posted by village_idiot 14 years ago
Poor donkey...
Comment icon #16 Posted by Eldorado 14 years ago
Tis sad when animal cruelty is seen as a joke.
Comment icon #17 Posted by SameerPrehistorica 14 years ago
That is sick... No respect for animals :angry2: thefinalfrontierThese people that done this had no common sense nor respect for animals You are absolutely right..
Comment icon #18 Posted by Legatus Legionis 14 years ago
Kindly Delete... Double Post... Sorry...
Comment icon #19 Posted by Legatus Legionis 14 years ago
elevators to the moon Actually it's Elevator from the moon to space, not earth-moon elevator that's just absurd. anyway on topic, that's just mean 2 years without bail should be enough for those who perpetrated the act.
Comment icon #20 Posted by :PsYKoTiC:BeHAvIoR: 14 years ago
...How exactly does Parachuting Donkey = Come to the Beach...? Same concept as dividing any number with zero is my guess. What makes a person wake up one morning and consider parachuting a donkey for advertisement a good idea? Even worse, to then present your vision to your marketing team only to have them agree with it? Madness! But then again, russians are known for russian roulette.
Comment icon #21 Posted by JamieSymptom 14 years ago
...How exactly does Parachuting Donkey = Come to the Beach...? Step 1 - Organise parachuting donkey Step 2 - ???? Step 3 - PROFIT
Comment icon #22 Posted by cluey 14 years ago
that's just's the go.......lets get these guys together......blind fold em.........and do something to them without telling them i'm sure they won't like it

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