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Ghost child filmed in cemetery ?

By T.K. Randall
November 25, 2010 · Comment icon 184 comments

Image Credit: Fox 8
In 2008 17-year-old Jessie Grayhouse filmed something very strange at a cemetery in Georgia.
He'd been filming the tombstones when he noticed a child running along in the distance, he turned the camera towards him only for the child to mysteriously jump up in to a tree in a very peculiar manner.
If you don't believe in ghosts, the video that Fox 8 News obtained may change your mind forever! The footage was shot in a cemetery and it may be the most remarkable evidence of the afterlife ever caught on tape.

Source: Fox 8 | Comments (184)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #175 Posted by ColoradoParanormal 14 years ago
I truly think, this is a mixture of things going on. None of which are paranormal. Just like the "experts" said, there isn't enough information to make a claim either way. I personally believe the video of a kid running is just that, a real child running. I agree with the above statement of the "kid jumping into the tree" as cig smoke. Cool video, just don't believe it's Paranormal.
Comment icon #176 Posted by Realm 14 years ago
It appears as if a kid went running after a large bird, the bird flew up in the tree, the kid took off his jacket and threw it up at the bird. I watched this on you tube in full screen view. If you look at when the bird or whatever it is flies up, at around 1:27 you can see something behind the tombstone that blocks the view try and take a swipe at it. It looks like an arm swinging out. The guy with the strooler even appears to be watching whatever is happening.
Comment icon #177 Posted by Chagidiel 14 years ago
Realm, another good speculation there. What ever there happened, I don't believe it was paranormal at all.
Comment icon #178 Posted by LA Daisy 14 years ago
I see a little kid, a puff of smoke and something that looks like a towel being thrown - NONE of which are proof of ghosts. The white is supposed to be the kid jumping back out of the tree. If it were an real kid, don't you think the people that were walking right in front would've taken notice? I think its definitely a notable video. Seems even the professionals think so on this one. They're usually the first to dismiss the "unknown".
Comment icon #179 Posted by Swamptick 14 years ago
I am surprised at how many people are bandying the word 'proof' around.
Comment icon #180 Posted by booNyzarC 14 years ago
I am surprised that this thread is still going. This video has been so debunked that it isn't even funny any more.
Comment icon #181 Posted by coldethyl 14 years ago
I am surprised that this thread is still going. This video has been so debunked that it isn't even funny any more. Agreed. Did anyone check out the link on page 10 where they have submitted the video to James Randi? It's all about the benjamins baby.
Comment icon #182 Posted by DiMSoE 14 years ago
Now im no sceptic no no i have had a number of paranormal experiances which have really shook me up real bad. Now that said i really want to believe this clip but like many others have said if you watch it closely it isnt as it seems. When i first watched it i was like OMG, it looked like the child ran and jumped back into its grave! BUT again its not as it seems; the child runs and stops about 1-2 feet from what then looks like someone smoking. The sheet that is then seen to jump into the grave so to speak is just some one shaking of thier sheet. (Not a picnic in a graveyard) a sheet used to ... [More]
Comment icon #183 Posted by Chagidiel 14 years ago
These "professionals" get their bread on the table from taking these as genuine. Then there are those other professionals, who get their bread from telling how things are. But usually debunkers don't get profit.
Comment icon #184 Posted by InnocentDemon 13 years ago
If you zoom in on the photo until you see the kids, it seems as if it has been photoshopped. The two kids look exactly the same and are walking the same way. Hoaxed.

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