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Why haven't we found aliens yet?

By T.K. Randall
December 16, 2010 · Comment icon 610 comments

Image Credit: DerrickT
Many people believe that we are not alone in the universe but if that's the case then where are all the aliens ?
Frank Drake has been pondering the possibility of extraterrestrial life for decades. "It's probably the most important question there is," he said. "What does it mean to be a human being? What is our future? Are there other creatures like us? What have they become? What can evolution produce? How far can it go?"
The question of whether or not we are alone in the galaxy is one that has fascinated everyone from mathematicians to conspiracy theorists. But, if extra-terrestrial life forms are abundant in the Universe - as some people believe - why have they not been in contact?

Source: BBC News | Comments (610)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #601 Posted by archernyc 14 years ago
If that's the case, I'm guessing not a lot of chicks attend. LOL, he actually went with his wife, but they had separate housing for men and women. I guess the idea is to remove any distractions.
Comment icon #602 Posted by 747400 14 years ago
Arenee, you might try taking yoga to learn breathing techniques first. Then, there are videos on youtube as someone else suggested and here's a great book: One of my co-workers just went to a retreat Arizona where they had a vow of silence for TEN DAYS! They did a lot of meditating too and he said it was the most cleansing/intense experience of his life. (He's actually been to Tibet on a service project - helping an orphanage get electric light by hooking them up to bicycles that the kids ride to generate electricity.) Sounds suspiciously like ... [More]
Comment icon #603 Posted by archernyc 14 years ago
haha, no tvs - just lighting so that they can read and have refrigeration.
Comment icon #604 Posted by Viper2 14 years ago
Why haven't we found aliens yet? We have. It was called "The Roswell UFO Incident". Read more here:
Comment icon #605 Posted by Universal Sight 14 years ago
Why haven't we found aliens yet? We have. It was called "The Roswell UFO Incident". Read more here: You got any bodies? You got any photos? You got anything concrete besides a bunch of mixed n matched tales that have gone on so long that the actual true facts cant really be deciphered anymore? Even IF it WAS TRUE or not? Anything new?
Comment icon #606 Posted by itsnotoutthere 14 years ago
Why haven't we found aliens yet? We have. It was called "The Roswell UFO Incident". Read more here: I think that one has been done to death. A better example of the 'chinese whispers' effect would be hard to find.
Comment icon #607 Posted by itsnotoutthere 14 years ago
Personlly, I think it's as simple as ET is just really, really, really (and I mean really) far away. Agreed. In distance & time.
Comment icon #608 Posted by itsnotoutthere 14 years ago
are you living under a rock? Without a shred of evidence? look at all the goof. unexplained videos that can't be debunked and witnesses all over the world seeing the same included. Just because you haven't seen one YET doesn't mean it isn't true. gsus! Even scientist primitive are you? knowing how big the universe is and how many planets/solar system yet discovered and you think we're the only species? Like this one :-
Comment icon #609 Posted by Paxus 14 years ago
LOL, you beat me to it!! Pax are you a vegetarian? If not, you might want to try this for a while to see if it improves your meditation (it might just make you so hungry though, that you can't meditate). It might make you more "pure" and more acceptable to whoever is on the other end of your conversations. No, I'm not vegetarian. I wish I could be. I hate the idea of killing animals. I think it's barbaric. I did try going vego. I ate all the right things to get all the nutrients you're supposed to but found my body didn't take well to it. I heard O-Positive blood types aren't suited to vegetar... [More]
Comment icon #610 Posted by Paxus 14 years ago
You have nothing to feel stupid about Pax. I appreciate the fact that you shared it. I don't know what to make of it, but I certainly don't think of you any differently. Thanks. You know, this whole topic has made me re-think that whole meditation thing... Well, this topic and Gilfaer's thread. (Where the hell is he btw?!) Considering so many people say that the aliens they have encountered use telepathy, I think it's probably a good idea to try to contact them that way. It's at least as valid as any other method for searching for ET....

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