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Science & Technology

Scientists strive for realistic 'cyberhug'

By T.K. Randall
February 4, 2011 · Comment icon 19 comments

Image Credit: flaivoloka /
Development is underway for a realistic "hug" system that can be physically felt over the internet.
Scientists in both Singapore and Japan are working on ways for humans to feel hugs across the miles when chatting via internet messaging systems, while it sounds like a dubious concept electrical sensors could one day make it a reality.
Speaking at the time, [Adrian Cheok] told CNN: "For a while technology has been driving people apart, locking them in front of computer screens, now we hope to use it to bring them together. "

Source: Telegraph | Comments (19)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #10 Posted by Richard Anderson 14 years ago
What a waste of time and money. How sad
Comment icon #11 Posted by VampireHeart 14 years ago
That would be awesome. I'd get so many hugs everyday The days I can't get out of the house and really hug people would actually be better
Comment icon #12 Posted by Twinkle Arora is back 14 years ago
Yeah for sure. You could never beat the real thing. But a cyberhug might still be nice for someone who, for whatever reasons, doesn't have anyone to give them a real one, you know. And also refering to your example, the girl might be okay with that if the guy was genuinely busy. It might keep their relationship alive the same way flowers do, you know, "hey baby, I cant be with you right now but Im gonna give you a cyberhug okay?" Lol. But you're right, I guess some people will just avoid emotional contact altogether and "get the computer to do it". On the whole, for me, I think there's a place... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by Pezmo 14 years ago
You need cyberpunch how fun would that be
Comment icon #14 Posted by _MagixX_ 14 years ago
That would be awesome. I'd get so many hugs everyday The days I can't get out of the house and really hug people would actually be better I agree. Hugs always make me feel good- these would make me feel good even if they weren't as good as the real thing. Things that make people feel good- I can't see how that is a waste of time and money.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Tim.C Melbourne 14 years ago
Win for cybersex! Might need some new global X-rated emoticons though, an angry face might not be good for your junk... Also I can imagine these suits malfunctioning with people wearing them, going into spasms as their muscles contract uncontrollably unable to take them off, YouTube please.
Comment icon #16 Posted by ThePitOfReason 14 years ago
I had to come take a peek at what you guys were saying about this one You know if they are working on Cyber Hugs then what else are they working on we might get to feel from a computer other than bad eyes or Carpal tunnel syndrome?
Comment icon #17 Posted by icet925 14 years ago
Finally! I haven't had a hug in years xD Same here =(
Comment icon #18 Posted by S I N 14 years ago
So this makes me envision a 700lbs bald nakid fat man sitting at a computer sending out cyberhugs and ..other stuff... what a sick and twisted world!
Comment icon #19 Posted by Robbie333 14 years ago
I am sorry but this opens too many doors for the future,lol. You know human beings. They will certainly take this to the next level and probably not a healthy one.

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