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Nature & Environment

Asian hornets could invade Britain

By T.K. Randall
February 27, 2011 · Comment icon 12 comments

Image Credit: CC 3.0 Matti Paavola
A species of aggressive hornet that has already invaded France could move to Britain within 3 years.
The hornets are thought to have been introduced in to France in 2004 in a consignment of pottery and have since spread all over the country. Decamating local bee populations and even attacking humans the invading insects will soon be making their way to the British Isles according to a leading expert.
The aggressive bee-eating invaders, unmistakable due to their dark hue and yellow feet, first settled in the forests of Aquitaine, but quickly spread to surrounding areas along waterways, thriving due to a total lack of indigenous predators.

Source: Telegraph | Comments (12)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by Valguss 12 years ago
ahhh!!! killer bees Lazlo!
Comment icon #4 Posted by King Fluffs 12 years ago
Im scared of these hornets.
Comment icon #5 Posted by chaoszerg 12 years ago
With our weather I dont think they will do so great. They will get depressed with all the rain and sod off back home.
Comment icon #6 Posted by DKST 12 years ago
Can't see our climate doing much for them. It seems every few years there is warning of killer bees or some mutant insect.
Comment icon #7 Posted by StarChild 83 12 years ago
oh noes
Comment icon #8 Posted by ships-cat 12 years ago
This is old news. A lorry-load of Asian Hornets tried to enter the country five months ago, but they where intercepted by Customs. Rumour has it that it was a "Sting" operation ! meow purr
Comment icon #9 Posted by pennywise4321 12 years ago
I'll go ready the shotgun
Comment icon #10 Posted by UFO_Monster 12 years ago
Are smoke bombs legal in the UK? If they are, you might want to consider buying a lot of those.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Joseph Mellow 12 years ago
the real problem is the impact they will have. the english faunae will be taken by storm
Comment icon #12 Posted by tipotep 12 years ago
the real problem is the impact they will have. the english faunae will be taken by storm Yes these little buggers are ruthless ! P.S -lol at your pic of Batiatis in your Av TiP

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