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"Blood" perfumes ideal for vampires

April 22, 2011 | Comment icon 17 comments

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Two Italian entrepreneurs have launched a perfume inspired by the scent of human blood.
The "Blood Concept" scent comes in four varieties named after blood types but does not contain any actual blood. "Blood Concept is just a celebration of human life through an interpretation of its evolutionary process," said one of its creators Antonio Zuddas.
In keeping with the hematic theme, the four scents come in 1. 35-ounce vials with red droppers, and the website includes background images of swirling blood. While the Milan-based designers concede that Blood Concept may make some squeamish, they maintain that their perfumes have nothing to do with blood lust.

Source: AOL News | Comments (17)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by Robert1 11 years ago
Buy a bottle of this and never take it out of the box, mark my words it will be a collectors item in about 30 years and people will pay big bucks for it. Although I think it's a really strange idea, you're probably right about it becoming a collectors item. It almost makes me want to get myself a bottle.
Comment icon #9 Posted by TheSpoonyOne 11 years ago
Why would someone want to smell like
Comment icon #10 Posted by Wolvenblood 11 years ago
I want a smell. I like the metalically smell of blood. Neat idea. The taste's better
Comment icon #11 Posted by Kubla Funk 11 years ago
Why encourage such moronic behaviour?!
Comment icon #12 Posted by Doctor_Strangelove 11 years ago
If you share the perfume, do you risk smelling like HIV?
Comment icon #13 Posted by UFO_Monster 11 years ago
If you share the perfume, do you risk smelling like HIV? I wonder if it would lead to smelling like AIDS?
Comment icon #14 Posted by torf 11 years ago
This is the dumbest thing ever....and "smelling like AIDS"?????????????? real nice.
Comment icon #15 Posted by lmno 11 years ago
Sniff a Tampax.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Spiritual One 11 years ago
A Bad and Disgusting Idea.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Device 11 years ago
just tip a bucket of red paint over the top of your head and be done with it.

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