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Space & Astronomy

Mars Spirit Rover mission officially ends

By T.K. Randall
May 26, 2011 · Comment icon 23 comments

Image Credit: NASA
After seven years a mission that was supposed to last only three months has finally come to an end.
Spirit landed in 2004 and trundled across the surface sending back fascinating details about the surface of Mars to NASA for the better part of seven years. It won't be the last rover sent to the Red Planet however, the project will continue in a few months time when NASA launches the Mars Rover Curiosity in November.
A transmission that will end on Wednesday, May 25, will be the last in a series of attempts. Extensive communications activities during the past 10 months also have explored the possibility that Spirit might reawaken as the solar energy available to it increased after a stressful Martian winter without much sunlight.

Source: NASA | Comments (23)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by Father Of Evolution 12 years ago
Spirit's Journey home? Bring back our hero
Comment icon #15 Posted by Device 12 years ago
Heroic little things these rovers. Thank you for the amazing images. Thumbs up.
Comment icon #16 Posted by torf 12 years ago
How sad. Have been following this amazing little machine for years. I will miss it. Thankfully it's partner is still with us!
Comment icon #17 Posted by indianspy 12 years ago
long live spirit.... we wi never forget u..
Comment icon #18 Posted by indianspy 12 years ago
long live spirit... excllnt job...
Comment icon #19 Posted by danielost 12 years ago
Farewell little one and thank you for all you have accomplished. I do hope that NASA will eventually hear a signal from her saying "hey I am still here you know". What a fantastic mission and a major comeback for the NASA Mars teams. Way to go guys, lets do this again with Curiosity's upcoming mission. they wont, no one is listening any more.
Comment icon #20 Posted by stevewinn 12 years ago
is spirits final resting place located in a possible landing site for future manned missions?
Comment icon #21 Posted by Pax Unum 12 years ago
Amazing to think that it was only supposed to last three months. RIP Spirit. +1... I was thinking the same...
Comment icon #22 Posted by Halloween78 12 years ago
I hope the Martians will enjoy back engineering it
Comment icon #23 Posted by Timonthy 12 years ago
Kudos to a 3 month plan.

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