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Climbers pitch tent on 4000ft cliff face

May 28, 2011 | Comment icon 24 comments

Image Credit: CC 2.5 Ansgar Walk
Don't look down - a group of climbers ascending a cliff in the Arctic have to camp on the cliff face.
Suspended by ropes and safety lines the climbers get in to their tents suspended thousands of feet above the ground during their ascent of the massive rock face. To make matters even more precarious, falling chunks of rock and ice pose a constant danger.
For many people, a camping trip is enough to get them sweating before they've even put up a tent pole. But for these daredevil explorers, scaling cliffs and pitching tents at the height of more than 300 double decker buses is just a normal day at the office.

Source: Daily Mail | Comments (24)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #15 Posted by scaredsilly 11 years ago
OMG I hate heights
Comment icon #16 Posted by 27vet 11 years ago
Now I love camping and u can see my favorite camping site below, but I have yet to pitch my tent 4000" up a cliff
Comment icon #17 Posted by AmazedHuman 11 years ago
What the hell is wrong with these people? I can think of an easier way to commit suicide...some way less strenuous, anyway!
Comment icon #18 Posted by grc 11 years ago
Now that's a room with a view.
Comment icon #19 Posted by Doctor_Strangelove 11 years ago
Know what that means? You would have to camp sober. Camping sober, no scarier thought.
Comment icon #20 Posted by The Russian Hare 11 years ago
All fun and games until one night you forget where you're at and stumble outside to take a leak.
Comment icon #21 Posted by 27vet 11 years ago
That is why camping is so much fun (I mean horizontal camping)
Comment icon #22 Posted by UnknownSuperstar 11 years ago stomach turns just looking at the pics.
Comment icon #23 Posted by tipotep 11 years ago
What some people do for fun is amazing ~ for me - no . TiP.
Comment icon #24 Posted by danielost 11 years ago
i would hate to wake up and forget where i am.

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