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Science & Technology

Cold fusion confirmed in E-Cat test

By T.K. Randall
October 14, 2011 · Comment icon 50 comments

Image Credit: Maurizio Melis
Andrea Rossi's cold fusion energy catalyzer has been successfully demonstrated in a recent test.
The demonstration took place in Bologna, Italy on October 6th, where the catalyzer was shown to be capable of producing an impressive amount of excess energy through a cold fusion reaction. Despite surprisingly little fanfare in the press about Rossi's accomplishments, the test represents another significant step towards a future in which practically limitless, clean energy will be available for all.
The test of the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) that took place on October 6, 2011 in Italy has validated Andrea Rossi's claim that the device produces excess energy via a novel Cold Fusion nuclear reaction.

Source: PESN | Comments (50)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #41 Posted by DieChecker 12 years ago
Even Rossi himself has said that he isn't sure this is fusion! Indeed there are several clues that it has nothing to do with fusion, and (assuming it isn't a deliberate hoax) is simply some sort of exothermic reaction involving Nickel. There's an interesting pdf here (note that it is a patent application, not a patent..) Patent Application - "Method And Apparatus For Carrying Out Nickel And Hydrogen Exothermal Reactions" While it hints at fusion in the text, isn't it fascinating that the title of the application uses the words "Exothermal Reactions", and not Fusion..? Plus, read the incredibly... [More]
Comment icon #42 Posted by DieChecker 12 years ago
OK. It is October 30th, so where is the World Breaking news that Rossi is a genius and we are all saved from a dismal future of coal and oil? So, what to make of all this? The test was claimed to have worked satisfactorily by Allan and others, the customer was claimed to be satisfied with the results by Rossi, and everyone supposedly went home happy. But if the only people to whom Rossi cared about proving the E-Cat system works was the client then why did he bother letting outsiders witness the test at all?Rossi has also announced that that’s it; no more testing and the next we’ll see of the ... [More]
Comment icon #43 Posted by Chrlzs 12 years ago
A few small updates on this sad saga... The claim that Brian Josephson was to 'test' Rossi's black box was incorrect. Josephson did not agree to supervise the test and when emailing Rossi in regard to the proposed 'tests' he said: One trusts this test will be able to clear up uncertainties re the E-cat. This will however be dependent to some extent on the expertise of the people involved, and {yet} it does not appear that the list of those who have been invited includes experts in calorimetry (which a number of cold fusion researchers are). It has only cosmetic value if distinguished non-exper... [More]
Comment icon #44 Posted by bulveye 12 years ago
Why is that? Do you have something against life saving medical equipment, toothbrushes and plastic sex toys? We can make plant based plastics now. Also the world ticked along fine without oil in the past. In fact we have only used crude oil in the last few years. It a great 'cheap' energy but comes with lots of negatives including pollution and war. When it runs out we will survive but i think horses will be a lot more popular.
Comment icon #45 Posted by 27vet 12 years ago
Are we going to see a perpetual motion machine next?
Comment icon #46 Posted by DieChecker 12 years ago
•The technology is completely changed, new patents have been applied for, an intense testing program is going on with very good result •No pictures will be released until the product is for sale http://ecat.com/news/andrea-rossi-ecat-march-update There is just too much doubletalk and too many "clearifications" going on to make this believable. Rossi has gone through like 3 different "techologies" on his E-Cat so far. Whenever one is deduced to be fraudulent (Fraud can't be proven as no unit is available and Never Has Been available, for outside testing. Basically this still looks like a scam. ... [More]
Comment icon #47 Posted by DieChecker 11 years ago
This e-cat stuff is still going on... http://www.e-catworld.com/ Rossi: Third Parties Will Validate High Temperature E-Cats http://www.e-catworld.com/2012/07/rossi-third-parties-will-validate-high-temperature-e-cats/ What is Happening at the University of Bologna? http://www.e-catworld.com/2012/07/what-is-happening-at-the-university-of-bologna/ I'm still pretty sure this is a fraud, but it is strange because Rossi just will not give it up. Like he's trying to play a "long-game" scam and just does not realize that most everyone does not believe him. What is sad is that so many will take his not... [More]
Comment icon #48 Posted by ~C.S.M~ 11 years ago
What is sad is that so many will take his not giving up as proof that the technology is real. And that is what he counting on.....
Comment icon #49 Posted by ranrod 11 years ago
Science will always be skeptical of those who say, "I figured out how to do this but I don't want to tell you because..."
Comment icon #50 Posted by vitruvian12 11 years ago
Science will always be skeptical of those who say, "I figured out how to do this but I don't want to tell you because..." Dont you think such a grand claim should be regarded skeptically when its been unproven? Especially when money is involved.

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