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The UFO Phenomenon

Texas witness reports military UFO chase

November 26, 2011 | Comment icon 27 comments

Image Credit: Unknown, Belgium, 1990
A witness has reported a triangle-shaped object being chased by military aircraft near Houston.
The event was reported to MUFON ( Mutual UFO Network ) on November 21st. "It stayed motionless for about 30 seconds, then very quickly shot ahead and maintained its position at the new location," stated the witness who had been travelling by car along the East Sam Houston Parkway before stopping to call the police. "Within five minutes of placing this call, three Air Force planes were seen in the vicinity of the craft, and at the same time, the search lights from Ellington Air Force Base were scanning the sky."
A Texas witness reports observing and following a triangle-shaped object near Houston that appeared as though it was being chased by military aircraft, according to November 21, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Source: Agoras Cosmopolitan | Comments (27)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #18 Posted by Coffey 11 years ago
So to get the "facts" right from the article, there was 3 Military planes and a triangle UFO? So in terms of military there was a C-5 and a C-17 circling (Which I really doubt as they are HUGE and mainly used for transport/cargo) and some sort of VTOL Jet. (Presumably an F-35 or Harrier) Then there was a Triangle UFO..... I really can't see a C-5 and a C-17 being used in that way...... I could understand an AWACS being there but not those 2. It doesn't make sense. Also confused on how he managed to recognise those 2 planes like that? They are similar to other planes and it seems a bit weird th... [More]
Comment icon #19 Posted by Robbo 11 years ago
To me it sounds as if someone has witnessed mid-air refuelling. Since sending anything other than fighters to intercept anything is ridiculous.
Comment icon #20 Posted by 27vet 11 years ago
To me it sounds as if someone has witnessed mid-air refuelling. Since sending anything other than fighters to intercept anything is ridiculous. You know well that all the young air force jocks just want "kills" so they will scramble for a kite that has inadvertently drifted into their airspace. Been there done that got the T shirt.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Majin1 11 years ago
If its the same Triangular aircraft shown in the pic its called the Tr-3b its a top secret military aircraft it does not fly by conventional means. I saw it back in the 90's it is HUGE!!!! and it was a ufo to me for many years until i found out more about it you all should look it up
Comment icon #22 Posted by Nuke_em 11 years ago
This triangle UFO is being seen more and more. It's most likely a black project, and the jets were escorting it, not chasing it. This only further enforces that belief. Get ready for information on this craft to be released. The same sorts of things happened before the declassification of the B2. People reported seeing triangular craft in the air, and a decade and a half later found out it was a then, secret stealth bomber. I cannot agree more! Because crafts like this are flying around, everybody goes look it's alien spacecraft! So the question here is how many black projects are out there fl... [More]
Comment icon #23 Posted by bulveye 11 years ago
They don't need another bomber do they? Super sized air transport with massive range would make more sense. that way they can re-supply air craft carriers anywhere they need to. That's what I think anyway. Unless there is some sort of new weapon that requires this craft?
Comment icon #24 Posted by Cpl599 11 years ago
Super sized air transport with massive range would make more sense. I did a tactician's course in the army during my 3rd phase training and there was a similar question to this, only the scenario was countering a Soviet push into Western Europe. The answer? When fighting an enemy who's conventional or non conventional capabilities you don't completely understand, you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket and send it flying in. A super sized transport like that would be a HUGE liability, and would need a HUGE security force to even prevent a single missile from sneaking in and destroyin... [More]
Comment icon #25 Posted by ROGER 11 years ago
Just more lights in the sky. Imagination fills in the rest.
Comment icon #26 Posted by DONTEATUS 11 years ago
Texas has so many Lights in the night sky you can tippy-toe across the heavens from star to star and never run out of Stars ! Im BACK !
Comment icon #27 Posted by Ryegrog 11 years ago
Nah, it's a FRIZBEE that some kid three up in the air. NO, it a flock of DUCKS migrating north. I bet it's SUPERMAN making a giant leap in a single bound. At least that would be the claims BLUEBOOK would make.

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