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Is daydreaming good for the mind ?

By T.K. Randall
March 20, 2012 · Comment icon 29 comments

Image Credit: Marcus Stone
While many view daydreaming as the sign of an idle mind, researchers believe it can be quite productive.
Research has shown that for most people, doing routine tasks like driving the same route day in and day out or performing mundane household chores such as ironing or cleaning are full of moments in which our brains are doing other work at the same time as maintaining the task at hand. Long associated with periods of creativity, scientists believe these moments of 'mind wandering' are actually good for our overall mental health and should even be encouraged.
Catch yourself daydreaming while washing the dishes again? If this happens often you probably have a pretty capable working memory, new research suggests.

Source: Live Science | Comments (29)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #20 Posted by justcalmebubba 12 years ago
an to think i use to get in trouble for"day dreaming" when i was growing up such things of the unknown world was so mis read by the stepfather an the cult like church he assed with
Comment icon #21 Posted by justcalmebubba 12 years ago
an to think i use to get in trouble for"day dreaming" when i was growing up such things of the unknown world was so mis read by the stepfather an the cult like church he assed with
Comment icon #22 Posted by david hack 12 years ago
daydreaming is awesome, I have just recently daydreamed about the best story I have ever thought, and am now in progress of writing it up. how I love my healthy brain.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Vasuvicci 12 years ago
It makes me wonder. A regular conversation with a classmate or an acquaintance does not use a lot of "memory"(comparing to pc ram). So if I'm not daydreaming while talking to someone where does all this unused memory go...It must be that this level of communication is too low level for my taste and so I don't practice it very often....Id rather live in my own little world and use as much "memory" as i can.
Comment icon #24 Posted by UniqueWolf 12 years ago
I think that it depends on when day dream and how much of your thought process is in the daydreaming. Also, if you don't daydream at all, well meet with me I always wanted to meet an alien. (and I mean no offence if that offended anyone)
Comment icon #25 Posted by JayMark 12 years ago
Good thing. We should then ask for a scientific paper proving it. Then we could show it to the teacher/boss whenever it happens.
Comment icon #26 Posted by designer 12 years ago
Maybe good to a certain degree. But many have compulsive daydreams, or what some call Maladaptive daydreaming. Where it is more of an addiction and interfers with normal activitives and relationships. MD people tend to live mostly in their minds and are withdrawn from the world. I would love to know more about how the mind works when it comes to daydreams. How to switch it off to improve focus on tasks.
Comment icon #27 Posted by Crimson Wulf 12 years ago
Quite an interesting study to say the least. It definitely makes me feel better about my days in middle and high school!
Comment icon #28 Posted by 1Ophelia 12 years ago
Well when I'm a elderly lady, I wont have to worry about memory loss then. =) I daydream a lot! Ooops just caught myself day dreaming again haha.
Comment icon #29 Posted by PsiSeeker 12 years ago
This could be problematic in some ways as it lessons a person's reaction to something that is unforeseen. I.e Repeating some pattern and experiencing a slight change in pattern, the noticing of said change is "slow" So while some people may have greater working memories (I'm definitely one of them .) their ability to respond to unexpected stimulus is decreased.

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