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Inventor builds real-life working lightsaber

By T.K. Randall
December 19, 2015 · Comment icon 8 comments

Allan Pan demonstrating his flame-based lightsaber replica. Image Credit: YouTube / Sufficiently Advanced
One man has found a way to build the Star Wars weapon using a very cleverly disguised flamethrower.
Arguably the most sought-after science fiction weapon in history, the trusty lightsaber - a futuristic sword with a blade comprised of burning plasma - has proven very difficult to replicate in real-life.

Most replica and toy lightsabers are simple plastic rods with a light inside to make them glow and a sound-effects chip to make them sound like they do in the Star Wars movies.

There are however a select few that defy this convention.
Allen Pan of YouTube channel Sufficiently Advanced for example wowed the Internet this week after posting a video of his latest invention - a working lightsaber with an actual burning blade.

The extraordinary weapon works using a methanol/acetone fuel mixture and butane as a propellant.

While the flame isn't quite as physical as the blade of the lightsabers in the movies, it can still do quite a lot of damage as demonstrated by Pan in the video as he instantly burns a photograph of infamous Phantom Menace character Jar Jar Binks when the flame comes in to contact with it.

As far as replica lightsabers go this one is undeniably impressive.

Source: Makezine | Comments (8)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Chibadiba 8 years ago
Looks like a high tech lighter. For the time being something like this would probably be the closest we could get to a lighthird saber. It wouldn't be "light" but a plasma saber.
Comment icon #2 Posted by highdesert50 8 years ago
While I applaud the ingenuity, the idea of expending a rather uncontrolled flaming liquid is sure the keep the fire department force awakened. Nevertheless, quite the charcoal endor for the barby.
Comment icon #3 Posted by paperdyer 8 years ago
While cool, a bit impractical unless you want to start fires. Besides how do you have a duel?
Comment icon #4 Posted by KolchacktheNightStalker 8 years ago
So the answer is... Not very.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Lucas Cooper Merrin 8 years ago
He could have achieved the same result by winding up the valve stop on a cheap clipper lighter
Comment icon #6 Posted by pallidin 8 years ago
He seems to be enjoying it quite a bit. !! Maybe too much. Hope he (or a friend) doesn't someday fire it up while "under the influence"
Comment icon #7 Posted by MissJatti 8 years ago
Kids, this is not A toy
Comment icon #8 Posted by coolguy 8 years ago
Kinda cool.

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