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Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Bigfoot' filmed in remote Indonesian jungle

By T.K. Randall
October 16, 2016 · Comment icon 26 comments

Is this a genuine creature or the product of computer fakery ? Image Credit: YouTube / BigFoot TV
A video showing an alleged Bigfoot walking in front of a waterfall has been doing the rounds online.
Very little is known about the origins of the footage and so far the only available details have come from a smattering of other news sites that have published the video.

Believed to have been filmed in Indonesia, the video shows a large figure walking with long strides across the base of a picturesque waterfall in the middle of dense jungle terrain.

Reactions to the footage have so far been mostly negative, not only because of the missing background information but also because the figure could so easily be a CGI fake.

It is also unclear why it appears to be carrying what looks like a white plastic bag in its hands.

The video itself, which has been uploaded on to YouTube, can be viewed below.

Comments (26)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #17 Posted by curiouse 8 years ago
The movement is very weird. What ever it is?
Comment icon #18 Posted by Horta 8 years ago
Comment icon #19 Posted by Varelse 8 years ago
Not Bigfoot. That's Elvis. So obvious.
Comment icon #20 Posted by Lord Fedorable 8 years ago
That explains why the footage is all shook up....
Comment icon #21 Posted by third_eye 8 years ago
Well Bless a mah soul what's a wrong with it ... ~
Comment icon #22 Posted by PersonFromPorlock 8 years ago
Stop the video at 0:24 and it looks like a stick figure. I suspect CGI or a very thin Alien.
Comment icon #23 Posted by xxxdemonxxx 8 years ago
Not even a Bigfoot would stoop that low. Maybe Captain D's. MAYBE. Also, the "Red Circle of Death" could suggest he isn't with us anymore. Maybe he did eat McDonald's after all.
Comment icon #24 Posted by Sameerr 8 years ago
While ago it was said that it is a bear. Now the second part of Bigfoot story is continuing ? I see..
Comment icon #25 Posted by Marsquake 8 years ago
Is that Jim Morrison?
Comment icon #26 Posted by TrumpsSecretWeapon 8 years ago
that was me on vacation. Geez, can't a guy pee in a waterfall and not get the third degree?

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