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Mystery sound heard near the Mariana Trench

By T.K. Randall
December 18, 2016 · Comment icon 14 comments

The sound is thought to be a minke whale call. Image Credit: NOAA
A mysterious metallic sound recorded by researchers could actually be a never-before-heard whale call.
Picked up by autonomous robots known as "passive acoustic ocean gliders" which are typically used to record whale vocalizations at depths of up to 1,000 meters, the strange sound was recorded on a regular basis during the fall and spring in a region of the Pacific Ocean to the east of Guam.

Consisting of five parts with a duration of around 3.5 seconds, the sound, which has been dubbed the "Western Pacific Biotwang", is now thought to be an unknown minke whale call.

"It's very distinct, with all these crazy parts," said marine bioacoustics expert Sharon Nieukirk from Oregon State University. "The low-frequency moaning part is typical of baleen whales, and it's that kind of twangy sound that makes it really unique. We don't find many new baleen whale calls."
Efforts are now underway to try and translate the call to find out what it means.

"If it's a mating call, why are we getting it year-round? That's a mystery," said Nieukirk.

"We need to determine how often the call occurs in summer versus winter, and how widely this call is really distributed."

Source: Yahoo! News | Comments (14)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by Hawkin 8 years ago
Weddell Seals have a very unusual call.
Comment icon #6 Posted by XenoFish 8 years ago
Comment icon #7 Posted by Willstone 8 years ago
The Bloop has returned
Comment icon #8 Posted by ouija ouija 8 years ago
It's a lovely sound .... quite soporific! I think it's a sleeping minke whale with a bit of a sinus problem.
Comment icon #9 Posted by MWoo7 8 years ago
Do they know if they are males or maybe females or both ?   Ponderings sweets of the heart a woman's voice animate feminine contraltos oh please please sing for us --MWoo
Comment icon #10 Posted by MWoo7 8 years ago
Looked that one up ouija ouija " quite soporific! I think it's a sleeping minke whale with a bit of a sinus problem." aaaah -- falling to sleep with the sound like rain(unless you've a tin roof HA!), better than cacophony well -- depending on one's view/slant/subjective-perspective.
Comment icon #11 Posted by reddevil19 8 years ago
sounds like its saying "who is this" at the end
Comment icon #12 Posted by paperdyer 8 years ago
Nice, but can't we just leave them alone?
Comment icon #13 Posted by smokeycat 8 years ago
I knew someone who was a sonar-operator on a Royal Navy hunter-killer submarine. He said that he used to sometimes hear some very strange stuff, usually at great depths. Very interesting.
Comment icon #14 Posted by EllJay 8 years ago
  It's just Mother Earth snoring. Don't wake her up.

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