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Natural World

Man helps to free tangled 'squirrel king'

May 30, 2017 | Comment icon 7 comments

The squirrels had found themselves in a hopeless situation. Image Credit: YouTube / A Day
Andrew Day had been visiting family when he encountered four squirrels with their tails tied together.
The peculiar predicament, which has been dubbed 'squirrel king' after a similar phenomenon that sometimes causes rats to end up tied together by their tails, was discovered on Sunday in Maine.

Eager to help the animals, Day tried calling up Bangor Animal Control and a local game warden however, as it was the weekend, nobody was able to attend the scene for at least an hour.

Taking matters in to his own hands, he placed a cardboard box over the top of the squirrels and then slowly worked their tails free until all four of them had been released.

"It was like a giant dreadlock," he told a local newspaper.

"Intertwined with it was straw and twigs and there was some plastic."

Source: Huffington Post | Comments (7)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by ouija ouija 5 years ago
KING squirrel!
Comment icon #2 Posted by Still Waters 5 years ago
It comes from Rat King
Comment icon #3 Posted by .ZZ. 5 years ago
Wow, wow! That is one of the strangest things ever.   Humans...figures. Wow, thanks for sharing that though SW.  
Comment icon #4 Posted by ouija ouija 5 years ago
Sounds as if they had been tangled up like that for some time and I guess each time they moved the knot would pull tighter. I apologise for my previous post.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Still Waters 5 years ago
I'm glad someone spotted them and was able to help.
Comment icon #6 Posted by highdesert50 5 years ago
The miraculous only emerges when the probability nears zero.
Comment icon #7 Posted by coolguy 5 years ago
Thats cool somebody helped them,

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