Friday, May 24, 2019
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Mammoth resurrection is now one step closer

Posted on Tuesday, 12 March, 2019 | Comment icon 59 comments

Mammoths may one day roam the Earth again. Image Credit: CC BY 2.5 Public Library of Science
Japanese scientists have achieved a 'significant step' towards the de-extinction of the woolly mammoth.
Back in 2010, bone marrow and muscle tissue were retrieved from the 28,000-year-old remains of a young mammoth found in a remarkable state of preservation in the Siberian permafrost.

Since then, scientists have been attempting to use these samples to achieve the seemingly impossible task of bringing back - for the first time - a species that has been extinct for thousands of years.

Most recently, scientists at Kindai University in Osaka, Japan have reported the first major step towards this goal by not only confirming the authenticity of the samples, but also observing signs of biological activity after injecting mammoth muscle cell nuclei in to mouse egg cells.

This activity reportedly included a type of structural formation that precedes cell division.

Study co-author Kei Miyamoto described the breakthrough as a "significant step towards bringing mammoths back from the dead" but noted that there was "still a long way to go."

"We want to move our study forward to the stage of cell division," he said.

Source: Telegraph | Comments (59)

Tags: Mammoth, DNA

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #50 Posted by Jon the frog on 13 March, 2019, 0:10
Well, lots of country are doing it... just for example, we are destroyed the prairies here in north america at an alarming rate, desertification advancing at walking pace. We dig the st-Lawrence that vast fishing ground becoming so swallow that it impact fishing and fresh water reserve....Yes country are stupid enough to do it, and also to do it abroad.
Comment icon #51 Posted by Jon the frog on 13 March, 2019, 0:11
All genetically engineered organism can be patented like a's just a fact, a sad one.  
Comment icon #52 Posted by third_eye on 13 March, 2019, 0:13
No point blaming countries or governments, you people decides your futures and you people have to deal with it. ~ Yeah, that's about what my point is, more or less ... ~
Comment icon #53 Posted by Piney on 13 March, 2019, 0:45
It's diet. 
Comment icon #54 Posted by Orphalesion on 13 March, 2019, 1:03
Nothing really. An animal is an animal. I just assumed those Mammoths would be under close observation, almost semi-domesticated so that dead or dying mammoths could be picked off to be "harvested" Or culled in the case that the population gets to large, as some here seem to fear.
Comment icon #55 Posted by lightly on 13 March, 2019, 1:29
 I'm not sure how I feel about the idea , but it would be awesome to actually see a wooly mammoth !
Comment icon #56 Posted by third_eye on 13 March, 2019, 6:32
And a GMO produced animal is not quite just another animal ... I don't know, that kind of a thought makes man rather less than human to me I guess ~
Comment icon #57 Posted by kobolds on 13 March, 2019, 8:50
YES  , mammoth STEAK is not a dream
Comment icon #58 Posted by aearluin on 13 March, 2019, 9:01
This sounds like such s stupid idea. Global warming is pushing arctic animal beyond the edge, so lets de-extinct a species that lived in the ice ages...  Whar would be the point other than using them as glorified circus animals? If they want to ressurect species, do it to something we wiped out, there are plenty to chose from!
Comment icon #59 Posted by Myles on 14 March, 2019, 12:24
Humans had a hand in the extinction of Mammoths.    I like that they are doing this.    

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