Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Boxing legend claims that the Earth is flat

Posted on Wednesday, 25 September, 2019 | Comment icon 41 comments

No, the Earth is not flat... seriously.... it isn't. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 NikoLang
Former professional boxer turned commentator Carl Froch is the latest celebrity to come out as a Flat Earther.
In the age of orbiting satellites, interplanetary spacecraft and a fully manned space station, the fact that the Earth is round (an oblate spheroid) is as indisputable as the nose on your face.

Remarkably however, there are still those who remain adamant that the Earth is actually flat.

In a recent interview, boxing legend Carl Froch reportedly stated that he is one such person.

According to Froch, not only is the Earth flat but photographs taken from space are also fake.
"There's no proof of the Earth's curvature and this fake space agency NASA use CGI images and every one is different," he said. "I'm looking at them thinking, 'Hang on a minute, they're like cartoons.'"

"When someone like Richard Branson goes up there and starts doing chartered flights... and you can look back on Earth and see the Earth's curvature, I'll believe the Earth is a globe."

Froch is certainly no stranger to conspiracy theories having reportedly told an interviewer that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's historic moon landing in 1969 was also fake.

"Apparently, we've been to the moon in 1969, 1970," he said. "We've been there six times - I don't believe a word of it. Some people do."

Source: Lad Bible | Comments (41)

Tags: Carl Froch, Flat Earth

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #32 Posted by aztek on 26 September, 2019, 19:50
i said it before, flat earth society is as much about flat earth as church of Scientology is about religion,  we think they are idiots, but it is not them, it is us, for buying into this deception.  bigger question is what are they really about.
Comment icon #33 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy on 26 September, 2019, 20:07
They were stopped by the Alien NWO Illuminati Atlantean NASA penguins. 
Comment icon #34 Posted by Ebenezer_J_Booze on 26 September, 2019, 20:12
Oh, I've heard stories that those penguins can be LETHAL!  
Comment icon #35 Posted by The Caspian Hare on 29 September, 2019, 11:08
They're not all religious and some of them actually have a pretty complex belief system. They think if you fly around the world that you're really just circling, and Antarctica is a big ice barrier surrounding the oceans, that the flat Earth is accelerating upwards. But of course none of them can account for the Feline Paradox. That if the Earth were flat, cats would have knocked everything off by now.  
Comment icon #36 Posted by third_eye on 29 September, 2019, 12:39
Wow... Two pages for this... Things must be really slow on UM nowadays...  ~
Comment icon #37 Posted by ChrLzs on 30 September, 2019, 5:02
So, the real conspiracy here is not the FE conspiracy, but what they are hiding!!!???  Totally!!!  I think it's sumpin to do with chemtrails. I'd have to observe that this boxer's endorsement is pretty impressive.  Bein' a boxer and all, he clearly wouldn't be a seeker of publicity, and of course with all those punc that training, his brain will be in really top condition....
Comment icon #38 Posted by MissJatti on 7 October, 2019, 13:34
I think he has been punched in the head one time to many
Comment icon #39 Posted by Aaron2016 on 7 October, 2019, 20:58
This is what they thought back in 1921.          
Comment icon #40 Posted by ThereWeAreThen on 8 October, 2019, 0:17
Terry Pratchett..the greatest author that ever lived 
Comment icon #41 Posted by Impedancer on 8 October, 2019, 7:29
He must have gone too many matches. Tin foil hat on  !!!! 

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