Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Guernsey fisherman records footage of UFO

Posted on Thursday, 26 September, 2019 | Comment icon 21 comments

What did Elsergany see that night ? Image Credit:
Saints Bay Hotel manager Ashraf Elsergany noticed the mystery object while fishing in L'Ancresse bay.
Elsergany had been out on Sunday evening when he spotted the object in the distance.

"I was standing one or two feet deep in the water fishing on my own," he said. "It was a very still night, the water was as clear as glass, there was no wind and no-one else around."

"It was quite big and was moving from left to right and spinning and rotating."

"Suddenly there's this whirring noise, like air getting sucked out of the sky, I looked around thinking it was someone having me on but there was no-one, I was totally alone," he said.
"Then the light disappears, just like that - it goes upwards and vanishes into thin air."

Freaked out by what happened, Elsergany quickly packed up his fishing gear and returned home.

"To physically see and hear it made my hair stand on end and sent shivers down my spine," he said. "From this I think it is obvious we are not alone in this universe, there is something else - whatever it may be - out there."

While the footage he captured is fairly difficult to make out, you can view it in the video below.

Source: Jersey Evening Post | Comments (21)

Tags: UFO, Guernsey

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #12 Posted by Matt221 on 26 September, 2019, 15:10
I looks like them starlites that you snap and shake then attach to the end of a fishing rod when night fishing
Comment icon #13 Posted by the13bats on 26 September, 2019, 18:40
it has basically zero worth as evidence of anything, UFO? sure why not, but not ET
Comment icon #14 Posted by Robotic Jew on 26 September, 2019, 18:54
"Fisherman too drunk to hold cell phone still while filming street light"
Comment icon #15 Posted by Chewie1990 on 26 September, 2019, 19:16
Haha you know what? I was going to say the bright line looked a bit like a street light earlier but I thought it and the distant speck were supposed to be zoomed in/out versions of the same object when i was watching on a small screen.. So it turns out the thing we're supposed to be looking at is the minuscule white dot?! I retract my "doesn't look like a plane" statement Only spanner in the works is they dont appear to have street lights in that area, but given that we can see nothing but black sky who the hell knows where the footage was taken
Comment icon #16 Posted by Dejarma on 26 September, 2019, 20:22
the usual pathetic crap
Comment icon #17 Posted by Timothy on 26 September, 2019, 21:55
  The thumbnail is of the glow in the dark tip of his rod.  The video is of a distant (most likely) aircraft, and he also pans to the glowing tip of his rod too a couple of times. 
Comment icon #18 Posted by Indigo Crow on 28 September, 2019, 20:29
He doesn't know & I don't know what it is, but could be a laser light shining & reflecting from clouds.
Comment icon #19 Posted by Vaz on 15 October, 2019, 17:38
It seems not the first time this tiny island has had visitors:    
Comment icon #20 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps on 16 October, 2019, 4:37
could be a hotspot
Comment icon #21 Posted by Timothy on 20 October, 2019, 4:44
For no fish?

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