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'Dark mass' UFO 'made torpedo disappear'

By T.K. Randall
October 8, 2019 · Comment icon 36 comments

What is lurking in the waters off the Pacific coast ? Image Credit: Bradley J. Sapp / US Navy
Former US Navy pilot David Fravor has revealed a previously undisclosed UFO incident from the 1990s.
By now the story of the 'Tic Tac' UFO spotted by fighter pilots during training exercises off the coast of San Diego in 2004 is well known, with footage reportedly recorded during the incident being declared authentic by US Navy officials as recently as last month.

What isn't so well documented however is another incident that happened a few years beforehand.

In a recent radio interview, former US Navy pilot Commander David Fravor described an encounter experienced in the 1990s by another pilot who was tasked with retrieving BQM aerial target drones and submarine telemetry torpedoes from the water.

The pilot reported a "kind of dark mass coming up from the depths" which quickly disappeared.
"As they hoist the BQM up, he's looking at this thing going, 'What the hell is that?'" said Fravor. "And then it just goes back down underwater. Once they pull the kid and the BQM out of the water, this object descends back into the depths."

According to Fravor, another very similar incident happened a few months later.

"He's out picking up a torpedo, they hook the diver up on the winch, and as they're lowering him down, he sees this big mass," said Fravor. "He goes, 'It's not a submarine'. He's seen submarines before. Once you've seen a submarine you can't confuse it with something else. "

"This big object, kind of circular, is coming up from the depths and he starts screaming through the intercom system to tell them to pull the diver up, and the diver's only a few feet from the water."

"They reverse the winch and the diver's thinking, 'What the hell is going on?' And all of a sudden he said the torpedo just got sucked down underwater, and the object just descended back down into the depths. They never recovered it."

Source: Sputnik International | Comments (36)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #27 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 5 years ago
Well, Top Gun Kevin Day is at it again  Does that count?   (I will start that thread later) Trelane, the Naval officers that advise the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and the US POTUS, are they high enough ranking for you?
Comment icon #28 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 5 years ago
Yes, Jenna, when the POTUS says it openly, that is considered "declassifying it".  I never knew that. But that doesn't make him a bad person, now, does it? 
Comment icon #29 Posted by RabidMongoose 5 years ago
ACME magnetic disk for torpedo defence.
Comment icon #30 Posted by stereologist 5 years ago
It is always good to mention Kevin Day who Fravor states emphatically is not to be trusted. Some people have chosen to champion the radar operator and have shunned the statements made by Fravor. Using BS from Day is simply bad. It tarnishes this UFO episode. People are welcome to listen to Fravor's comments and see how he details why Day is spouting fiction. I did. I wanted to double the comments by Knapp and Fravor. Only the close minded would dispute the comments of Fravor by attacking the factual synopsis pos... [More]
Comment icon #31 Posted by Trelane 5 years ago
We're talking about Fravor. he's only debriefing Joe Rogan and UFO convention goers.
Comment icon #32 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 5 years ago
He seemed to be singling out the account of the radar operator, Kevin Day, as being non-factual. "Seemed to be". Wow. That sure is factual.
Comment icon #33 Posted by stereologist 5 years ago
The person writing up the report was being polite. Fravor was very clear that what Day says is fiction. Day is making things up and Fravor explains in detail how and why Day is not to be trusted.
Comment icon #34 Posted by Jon the frog 5 years ago
Makes you wonder if they smoke weed? or something stronger ?
Comment icon #35 Posted by Jon the frog 5 years ago
Probably the shade of the chopper making a dark mass/ disk on the water... and it shrink and fall back when they go higher, big deal...
Comment icon #36 Posted by the13bats 5 years ago
Not as much as one might think, these so called high tankers are not coming out whistle blower style during there careers, with stacks of proof no, they come out after retired, bored and needing attention saying im a forum this or that so believe me at face value because, no, i dont have any proof, And some true believers trip over their own feet to go full throttle gullible and suggest since this guy was in the military he must be telling the truth, um, no, it doesnt mean that at all, its the same type half baked mindset that believes things like flat world theory or day of disclosure is comi... [More]

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