Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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New documentary to argue that we are not alone

Posted on Thursday, 30 January, 2020 | Comment icon 88 comments

Does the evidence of extraterrestrial visitation hold up ? Image Credit: YouTube / 1091
'The Phenomenon' will feature never-before-seen archival interviews with major government officials.
The question of whether we are alone in the universe remains one of the biggest philosophical conundrums of our time, but there exist a growing number of people - including high-ranking military and government officials - who believe that we have already been visited by aliens.

In upcoming documentary The Phenomenon, director James Fox will explore more than 70 years of 'hidden UFO history' in search of evidence of extraterrestrial encounters.

The film will feature interviews with major government officials such as former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta.
It will also include archival footage of several respected and high-profile UFO witnesses.

"Twenty-five years into investigating unidentified aerial phenomena, I'm faced with the unavoidable fact they're real, they're global, and we're potentially dealing with a form of consciousness that shares our world and impacts our lives in powerful ways," said Fox.

"Our team has assembled the most compelling testimony and evidence from around the world that will lead even the most ardent skeptics to the inescapable conclusion that we are not alone."

The Phenomenon will be coming to theaters in September.

Source: Gizmodo | Comments (88)

Tags: UFO, Alien

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #79 Posted by stereologist on 5 February, 2020, 12:39
No evidence for a collision and you falsely posted that witnesses saw one. Again, all of the claims in your post are based on your false statement that there was an impact. The analysis showed that it was metal fatigue.
Comment icon #80 Posted by stereologist on 5 February, 2020, 12:41
Since we have a dedicated fabricator at work that repeats falsehoods let's repeat what actually happened. But what was the determination? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/lincolnshire/7880987.stm ††Quote Dale Vince, managing director of wind farm operator Ecotricity, said: "They [scientists] looked at all the broken parts of the turbine, the parts that were left standing at the top and examined the land around the bottom of the turbine looking for debris. "But it was actually by examining the ring of bolts that hold the blade on that the examiners were able to say definitely it wasn'... [More]
Comment icon #81 Posted by stereologist on 5 February, 2020, 12:43
Sure people can claim they have been researching for 30 years but a few minutes of checking shows that is unlikely to be correct. Fringies think that sucking up every dimwitted tale is research. It is not. Research is investigating from all angles and applying critical research. It's about avoiding making blunders like claiming that witnesses saw something when zero witnesses saw that happen. †
Comment icon #82 Posted by Hazzard on 5 February, 2020, 14:55
If more people could understand this simple fact there would be less mud in the waters of UFOology.†
Comment icon #83 Posted by ChrLzs on 5 February, 2020, 20:50
The only thing that 'keeps happening' is you keep repeating utter bullshi+. As you have completely ignored the entire content of Stereo's post above, you are clearly disinterested in the truth, devoid of any relevant skills, and your 'research' is laughable, worthless drivel. † Stop abusing the forum by posting lies and misinformation.
Comment icon #84 Posted by preacherman76 on 7 February, 2020, 10:27
The guy who is swearing at people and breaking the rules of the board by going around the censor function is telling others to stop abusing the board.† † Your hypocrisy knows no bounds Sir.†
Comment icon #85 Posted by ChrLzs on 9 February, 2020, 21:38
Offtopic, just following up on the pm's contentless derail. Omigod I said the 'poo' word...† Toughen up, princess, and REPORT the post - don't waste other people's time more than you already do by posting your whines... So, pm, I take it you fully support the manure (is that OK, sweetie?) of the hilariously self-proclaimed 'OpenmindedSceptic'?
Comment icon #86 Posted by Tuco's Gas on 9 February, 2020, 22:35
†What "keeps happening " is that the vast majority of UFO sightings are later debunked or explained to be not of ET origin. The famous "tic tacs" that several Navy aviators saw several years ago is a good example. Professional pilots, whom the UFO believers claimed were extremely credible witnesses, being skilled military aviators.† Yet, everyone now agrees the tic tac were merely glitches in the new radar system that they were using.†† What keeps happening is there is never a physical trace or remnant left behind from a UFO.† Not once. Which is a damn shame. All it would take is ONE measly fi... [More]
Comment icon #87 Posted by bruce fiction on 10 February, 2020, 1:00
I definitely want to see this movie
Comment icon #88 Posted by preacherman76 on 10 February, 2020, 6:55
You were the one crying about how the boards were being abused. I just think itís funny what a hypocrite you are.†

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