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Eerie 'tentacled' figure appears in doorway

November 16, 2020 | Comment icon 28 comments

Who or what is looking out of the doorway ? Image Credit: Reddit / Loro
Unsettling footage shows a mysterious, unidentified figure peering around a doorway in a woman's house.
The video, which was originally posted up on Reddit before doing the rounds on YouTube and elsewhere, was reportedly filmed inside a house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Recorded just before midnight on November 7th, the footage shows a human figure briefly emerging from the doorway of what is believed to be the room where the homeowner's baby is sleeping.

While this would be disturbing enough given that this person should not have been in the house, some viewers maintain that the figure has some sort of 'tentacles' in place of hands.
Whether or not this is actually the case given the resolution of the video however remains unclear.

One thing's for sure, if this isn't someone who lives at the house (the woman who posted the clip claims that she was home alone with her baby), this is one scary piece of footage.

Could this be an intruder, something paranormal or is the whole thing simply a hoax ?

You can check out the video for yourself below.

Source: YouTube | Comments (28)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #19 Posted by the13bats 11 months ago
A crappy video of someone peaking into a room zero to suggest otherwise.
Comment icon #20 Posted by papageorge1 11 months ago
I remember that reddit thread. It struck me that you guys were telling her to call the police from a then old event. She had checked herself at the time and foundno one. This event was over long before it was ever posted. The OP got fed up and left the thread. In my opinion most people on the internet are just being honest with this stuff and don't appreciate having their honesty and intelligence insulted.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Hammerclaw 11 months ago
"Yog Sothoth save me, the three-lobed burning eye!"
Comment icon #22 Posted by openozy 11 months ago
Comment icon #23 Posted by papageorge1 11 months ago
Except she searched and found no one is at least a suggestion otherwise.
Comment icon #24 Posted by the13bats 11 months ago
Hear say, unbiased person didnt research it.
Comment icon #25 Posted by MrBene 11 months ago
I have been on the internet since pretty much its birth. I can understand that if you're new to the internet you can be this naive, but in a huge sub, with lots of skeptics that are going to ask for further details and footage you gotta be ready. She/He got fed up only because we were not agreeing with what she was saying, she wanted to send this video to media (she did) and have some kind of repercusion. If you send this to media and they check the thread you would see that 90% of the posters were saying clearly that is not a ghost or a monster. It doesn't look good for OP, that's why she dec... [More]
Comment icon #26 Posted by papageorge1 11 months ago
Now let me point out your logical fallacies. What extraordinary claim did she make?She posted a video without having givenus a conclusion. That is not a claim! What happened is that she posted a video with mysterious seeming content for feedback. The anti-ghost crowd got all riled up and started attacking her (and even berating her for not calling the police on a now past event) because it appears even possible ghost videos set off a fight reflex in the anti-ghost crowd. What further happened is that the anti-ghost crowd got rude and insistent so she said 'I don't need this'.
Comment icon #27 Posted by qxcontinuum 10 months ago
Garbage video.
Comment icon #28 Posted by stereologist 10 months ago
What a worthless video. It shows more artifact than substance.

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