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Man names his son 'Communication Office'

April 29, 2021 | Comment icon 6 comments

Not your average baby name. Image Credit: Indonesian Social Media
A man in Indonesia has made the rather unusual decision to name his newborn son after his workplace.
Picking a name for your child can be a challenge, however most parents will at least make an effort to chose something sensible and that won't bring unwanted negative attention to their offspring.

These sentiments seem to be lost on Samet Wahyudi, however, who had long remained adamant that if he ever had a son, he would name him after his workplace.

He even made this clear to his girlfriend before they were married and she agreed to his terms.
When she eventually did give birth to a baby boy in December of last year, therefore, the happy couple ultimately named the child 'Statistical Information Communication Office'.

It isn't clear exactly how Statistical ( or Mr Communication Office ? ) is likely to react in later life upon realizing the absurdity of this moniker, however it has certainly captured the attention of the media.

At least his parents have also chosen a shorter nickname for him - Dinko.

Whether or not he'll end up getting his name changed in the future however remains to be seen.

Source: Oddity Central | Comments (6)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by jethrofloyd 9 months ago
They can call him short the D.O.S.C.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Vox 9 months ago
Where I live, there was a father at the registration office who was so drunk when he registered his son's name that he mixed up the child's name with the building estate he lived in.  The child was forever more known as Humphrey from Humphrey's Estate.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Hammerclaw 9 months ago
Little Offie.
Comment icon #4 Posted by acute 9 months ago
If I had been born a century earlier, god knows what my name would be.
Comment icon #5 Posted by ercbreeze 9 months ago
'Statistical Information Communication Office'  Shouldn't they have named him SICO instead of DINKO? SICO is probably his Dad's name.
Comment icon #6 Posted by HandsomeGorilla 9 months ago
Hey, that's cool. In the states we name our kids after material possessions

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