Sunday, October 17, 2021
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'Castleford Croc' spotted in UK back garden

September 21, 2021 | Comment icon 22 comments

Is there a carnivorous reptile on the loose in Yorkshire ? Image Credit: PD - Vassil
A creature resembling a crocodile has been spotted wandering around outside residences in West Yorkshire.
Believed to be approximately 4ft in length, the mysterious reptile - which has been dubbed the 'Castleford Croc' - was most recently sighted in the back garden of nurse Sarah Jayne Ellis.

She recalled grabbing her phone and taking a few photographs of the creature, but admitted to not spending long watching it as she had just finished her night shift and needed to get some sleep.

When she returned to the window a few hours later, there was no sign of the crocodile.

She later showed the photographs she had taken to her sister-in-law Kate Ellis Holmes.

"I was just genuinely in disbelief when she was telling the story," she told Yorkshire Live. "When I saw the picture I was in disbelief. I thought it was bizarre and a really interesting story."
The sighting is supported by a previous report of a similar animal by photographer Lee Collings who claimed that he had witnessed a small crocodile-like animal in a local nature reserve last year.

He said that he had heard rumors that a caiman had been set loose in the area.

"I am 46 years old and have been a birdwatcher for over 30 years, and I've never seen anything like this, other than a crocodile or alligator," he said at the time.

If there really is a caiman roaming around, it would certainly explain this recent sighting as well.

Source: Lad Bible | Comments (22)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #13 Posted by simplybill 25 days ago
The photo looks legitimate to me, but I’m surprised that the UK’s weather is warm enough to allow an ectothermic reptile to thrive. Here in the US, alligators stop feeding when temperatures drop below 70° F (21° C). 
Comment icon #14 Posted by Essan 25 days ago
Taking into account the visible paving slabs, the fencing and the length of the grass, I would say it's around 18 inches long.  At most.  More likely 12 inches.   And probably made of rubber .....
Comment icon #15 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats 24 days ago
She took her time knowing it'd be back in a while.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Buck Rolly 24 days ago
The obvious question is why didn't she shoot video as opposed to just taking a picture? The answer is because it's not real and she knows this.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Essan 24 days ago
Well, well .....
Comment icon #18 Posted by dragon1440 23 days ago
OpenMindedSceptic the way it works in this case is she probably thought her neighbors saw it to and would call, therefore she is a bystander. The group doesnt all have to be in same spot or know about the other. The important part is they assume someone else will do something. For instance in the rape and murder of Kitty Genovese, the original reason a study was done, they bystanders were not all in the same apartment and had no actual knowledge that anyone else heard it. They just assumed that their neighbors heard the screams and would call. Same thing here, she probably assumed neighbors sa... [More]
Comment icon #19 Posted by Essan 23 days ago
I suspect what happened was she saw it, thought it amusing, took a photo, posted it to social media, and the tabloid press did the rest.
Comment icon #20 Posted by MissJatti 22 days ago
I probably go to whose garden it is just to make sure its not a toy or something first
Comment icon #21 Posted by Jon the frog 16 days ago
I would probably try to catch it, always dreamed to have a croc big enough to eat the ******ng neighbors cats..
Comment icon #22 Posted by aztek 16 days ago
who said it was on a the loose, it is clearly seen in a picture, it is in an enclosed space, just outside the wall of her enclosed space, it is neighbors pet, nothing wrong with that. 

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