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Nature & Environment

World's largest captive crocodile celebrates 120th birthday

 VIDEO  6-14-2023 | 2

Known as Cassius, this gargantuan reptile was captured back in 1984 and has lived in a crocodile park ever since.

Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds fate of killer crocodile that has 'eaten 300 people'

11-21-2022 | 11

A huge crocodile nicknamed Gustave has been terrorizing locals near Lake Tanganyika in Burundi for decades.

World of the Bizarre

Escaped crocodile caused plane crash, killing 20 people

8-27-2022 | 8

A fatal plane crash 12 years ago has since been blamed on a crocodile that got loose during a bungled smuggling attempt.


Newly discovered crocodile's last meal was a dinosaur

2-14-2022 | 14

Palaeontologists have discovered a new species of prehistoric crocodile that once feasted upon small dinosaurs.


Meet the 'horned crocodile-faced hell heron'

 VIDEO  10-1-2021 | 4

Palaeontologists have identified two predatory species of dinosaur that roamed what is now the Isle of Wight.

World of the Bizarre

'Castleford Croc' spotted in UK back garden

9-21-2021 | 22

A creature resembling a crocodile has been spotted wandering around outside residences in West Yorkshire.


Why have crocodiles changed so little ?

1-7-2021 | 5

Despite being around for 200 million years, crocodiles are much the same today as they were in the past.

Nature & Environment

Gargantuan crocodile captured in Australia

8-31-2020 | 4

A saltwater crocodile weighing in at over 770lbs has been caught in a river at an Australian tourist hotspot.


'Terror crocodile' had teeth the size of bananas

8-11-2020 | 2

A new study has revealed the immense power of one of the largest crocodilians ever to walk the Earth.


Huge crocodiles once ran around on two legs

6-14-2020 | 10

Palaeontologists have discovered a prehistoric species of crocodile that walked on two legs instead of four.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery as surgical plate found inside crocodile

7-31-2019 | 9

An orthopaedic plate has been found in the stomach of a 4.7-meter-long crocodile that died in Queensland.

Nature & Environment

New species of crocodile discovered in Africa

10-26-2018 | 14

Researchers from Florida International University have identified the first new species of crocodile in 85 years.

Nature & Environment

Scientists play classical music for crocodiles

5-5-2018 | 9

The bizarre new experiment aimed to analyze how juvenile crocodile brains react to complex stimuli.

Nature & Environment

Mature white crocodile sighted in Australia

11-22-2017 | 1

Nicknamed Pearl, the reptile was seen swimming around in the Adelaide River near Darwin on Sunday.

World of the Bizarre

'Crocodile' reported in the River Thames

10-10-2017 | 7

Footage uploaded on to Twitter today shows what looks like a crocodile in the waters of Chelsea Harbor.


New prehistoric marine predator discovered

10-3-2017 | 4

Palaeontologists have identified a new species that could shed light on the origins of crocodiles.


Giant prehistoric crocodile had T. rex teeth

7-4-2017 | 2

Palaeontologists have been studying the remains of a crocodile-like land predator from the Jurassic era.


Ancient sea monster gave birth to live young

2-14-2017 | 4

Scientists have discovered that not all prehistoric marine reptiles laid eggs like crocodiles do.

Nature & Environment

Man-eating Nile crocodiles found in Florida

5-22-2016 | 16

Using DNA testing, scientists have identified at least three of the deadly reptiles in Florida's swamps.


Huge bus-sized crocodile dug up in Tunisia

1-13-2016 | 8

A terrifying new species of crocodile known as Machimosaurus rex has been unearthed in the Sahara.

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