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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Creepy clown trail camera mystery continues to endure

November 17, 2021 | Comment icon 9 comments

The story behind these photographs remains a total mystery. Image Credit: Unknown
Eerie photographs of a clown captured on a trail camera have remained a topic of debate for years.
Imagine wandering through a forest in the early evening, struggling to fight your way through the dense tree branches as the light begins to fade, only to come face to face with the one thing you would never have imagined running into in a million years: a clown, grinning from ear to ear...

These two photographs, which were reportedly captured by a trail camera in the middle of a forest, have remained something of an enigma for more than ten years.

The story had been posted online sometime before 2010, however despite the best efforts of Internet sleuths and even myth-busting site Snopes, no definitive source has so far been found.

The images have appeared on numerous websites over the years, often associated with a story or urban legend about a creepy clown appearing in the woods without explanation.
The mystery also predates the 'creepy clown' phenomenon that began back in 2013.

In all likelihood, of course, the pictures were probably staged and the clown is also the same person who set up the camera, however there is something undeniably eerie about the whole thing.

You can just imagine how terrifying it would be to come across this guy in the woods at night...

Source: Snopes | Comments (9)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by jethrofloyd 21 days ago
Could it be taken from som horror B-movie ?
Comment icon #2 Posted by susieice 20 days ago
Shades of It. That was creepy!
Comment icon #3 Posted by Matt221 20 days ago
don't think i'll bother looking ,clowns still at my age give me nightmares it was'nt helped when a few years ago a  clown standing on a roundabout  came right up to the van and looked straight at me through the window ............i was gone you could'nt see my ar$e for dust
Comment icon #4 Posted by Orphalesion 20 days ago
Well, that's an easy way to get yourself shot.
Comment icon #5 Posted by mesuma 20 days ago
I don't get the point here. No backstory, no witnesses, no real evidence of a location and accepting the obvious that this was probably done by the very guy in the picture. Slow news day I guess.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Nnicolette 20 days ago
I bet this is a great way to make people steer clear of you when doing things in the woods that you don't want people to see.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Ozymandias 13 days ago
It has all the hallmarks of a staged scenario, set up by the guy who owns the camera. People in clown suits don't roam the deep forest. Also, the two pictures seem to have a time signature on them. The close-up came first and the long shot three minutes later. Whoever owned the camera - the clown - must have footage of at least three minutes duration or a load of stills. He chose to only publish two stills. Get a life!
Comment icon #8 Posted by Dejarma 12 days ago
where's the mystery? a person dressed as a clown- so what!? a stupid pointless thread zzzzzzz 
Comment icon #9 Posted by mesuma 12 days ago
Like learning how to juggle, throwing custard pies or fitting you and 15 of yer pals in to a wee teeny tiny car?

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