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New test dates Turin Shroud to the time of Jesus

By T.K. Randall
April 26, 2022 · Comment icon 87 comments

Is the Shroud of Turin genuine ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Dianelos Georgoudis
A new type of scientific testing technique has reportedly dated the iconic relic to the 1st Century.
Believed by many to be the actual burial cloth of Jesus himself, the Turin Shroud - which is today situated in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Turin, Italy - has long been the subject of intense scrutiny, controversy and debate.

One of the biggest points of contention regarding its authenticity is its age. If it were genuine, it would be expected to date back 2,000 years to the time of Jesus, however a prominent study conducted in 1988 using radiocarbon-dating seemed to suggest that it was in fact only 700 years old, leading to suggestions that it was most likely a medieval forgery.

Now, however, a new test using a technique known as Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering (WAXS) has contradicted the 1988 findings by indicating that the shroud really is 2,000 years old.

According to Italian scientist Liberato De Caro, radiocarbon-dating is not a reliable technique for dating fabric and the newer X-ray scattering method provides a more reliable result.
"Fabric samples are usually subject to all kinds of contamination, which cannot always be controlled and completely removed from the dated specimen," he told NCR.

"If the cleaning procedure of the sample is not thoroughly performed, carbon-14 dating is not reliable."

In addition to dating the shroud to the time of Jesus, the scientists also discovered traces of pollen on the fabric that can be found only in the Middle-East.

If confirmed, it would add further evidence that the shroud was in fact the genuine article.

Source: CBN | Comments (87)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #78 Posted by locomekipkachelfantje 2 years ago
Even ìf the shroud was 2000 years old, it still would be only a 2000 years old shroud.
Comment icon #79 Posted by MyOtherAccount 2 years ago
Well, here is an answer to one of your questions: BR started out titled "Bible Review" and then transitioned to "BR". I am/was a charter member and also have every issued published. Here is a link that includes additional information. And some of my chrentials: Scripture Information Standard (OSIS,commentaries%2C and other related literature.
Comment icon #80 Posted by Piney 2 years ago
Yes because Bibles and being preached to is far more important than food, medical or mental health treatment. I quite enjoy the homophobic bent too.  Here's my credentials Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) AFSC/Red Cross/VOA Cadburyite Seminarian under Emma Peaslee Engle who's doctrine is Bibles for the needy are about as useful as teets on a bull. 
Comment icon #81 Posted by TripGun 2 years ago
Solving the world again over here boss.
Comment icon #82 Posted by Desertrat56 1 year ago
It all boils down to people craving proof that their myth is real and even if they could actually identify remains of someone named Jesus with the wounds that were described it would still not prove anything except some man called Jesus or Yeshua or what ever was crucified by the Romans, and guess what, they crucified a lot of people in that time, it was their way of getting the population under control.  They were building an empire and needed the people to be compliant.  It is the main reason they made friends with the leaders of the area first.  It was how they operated.   They even con... [More]
Comment icon #83 Posted by Wepwawet 1 year ago
Excellent new, Dec 31st 22, video by Metatron, previously referenced in this thread, on the shroud. In my personal opinion though he trips up almost at the end in the section "The blood flow controversy", where, unlike in the previous sections he was as neutral as he could be, and he is a believer btw, he dismisses almost out of hand the real issue that for the blood flow lines we see in the shroud, the person would need to have been upright when wrapped in the shroud, and to have been wrapped a very short time after death, still warm. And, the blood flow lines are too neat when if he had been... [More]
Comment icon #84 Posted by Desertrat56 1 year ago
That makes no sense, any idea that the body was wrapped while still bleeding, makes no sense, as the women cleaned and prepared the body before it was wrapped.  If there are "blood lines" on it that should prove it is a fake if people believe that Jesus really was martyred and put in a burial cave then rose from the dead.
Comment icon #85 Posted by Wepwawet 1 year ago
No, it doesn't make sense, and that's why he tried to dismiss this inconvenient evidence. I think the answer is that it's a "miracle" and therefore transcends science and common sense.
Comment icon #86 Posted by Desertrat56 1 year ago
Yeah, a miracle.   Don't need proof of anything for that declaration.   I thought it was proven a hoax many years ago with carbon dating.
Comment icon #87 Posted by stereologist 1 year ago
It's a fake. Even when it as found it was considered a fake. Now e have 3 ridiculous dating techniques of no value pretending ti is not the fake it is. Here is simple a fact. Whether or not it is a fake has no bearing on anything other than a piece of cloth

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