Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Mystery 'jetpack man' is sighted yet again at LAX

By T.K. Randall
June 27, 2022 · Comment icon 10 comments

Is the jetpack man back ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Ethan Landesman
An airline pilot reportedly sighted a mysterious individual flying a jetpack near LAX on Thursday afternoon.
The 'jetpack man' mystery first came to light back in 2020 when pilots reported witnessing what appeared to be a person flying a portable jetpack device near Los Angeles International Airport.

The mysterious figure was observed several times, sometimes at altitudes of 3,000ft and on one occasion a mere 300ft off the wing of one of the airliners.

The presence of something of this nature, especially at such a height and within the vicinity of a major international airport, sparked a great deal of debate at the time, however no explanation for the sighting was ever found and nobody came forward to identify themselves as the culprit.

Now - two years on - it looks as though the mystery is back in the spotlight after yet another sighting of an alleged figure flying a jetpack was reported by a flight near LAX at 2:45 p.m on Thursday.
"We heard that the jetpack man is back," air traffic control was reported as saying.

"I have a report of a jetpack 4,500 feet over a gate in the section, which is about six miles east of your present position right here."

As things stand, it remains unclear whether or not the anomalous object actually was a man flying a jetpack, however if this turns out to be the case then it would be consistent with the other sightings from back in 2020.

A formal investigation was previously carried out, however nobody was ever caught or charged.

If there really is a man with a jetpack flying around near LAX, his identity remains a total mystery.

Source: Fox LA | Comments (10)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Trelane 1 year ago
The revelation of the balloon figure is interesting. I think there should be something of concern if there is/was in fact someone scooting around in a jetpack near a heavily used airport like LAX. The fact this has been reported multiple times should be of concern for law enforcement and definitely be investigated before now. My opinion is that these events are man-made objects being observed by the pilots. I will say though that I do think there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and possibly even our own galaxy. It would be amazing (and horrifying to a degree) if one day there was... [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by stereologist 1 year ago
What is interesting to me is that the object was identified as a jetpack. To me that suggested there was motion to the object.† The fact is that saying jetpack was misleading. But that is what the human mind does. It sees something that is surprising and adds details to make sense of what is being seen.
Comment icon #3 Posted by the13bats 1 year ago
For some reason msm links no longer open on my phone. I saw that jetpack person near an airport a while back thing us pilots are not perfect in fact some commercial pilots are scary. We live in a time that i can go to walmart and buy an flying RC toy that is very capable of causing huge flaps if flown in the wrong place and we know some jackasses love to push, Like the jackwads who were pointing lasers at aircraft. To me uap is just a modern vamp to ufo and so far all are explained as prosaic things or a few are left unexplained which isnt a jump to aliens. I see people argue on here about int... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by astrobeing 1 year ago
I remember seeing some fun man-in-jetpack videos on YouTube. They looked like balloons moving around with remote controlled fans and moved back and forth aimlessly as if someone was trying to get people's attention. The "man" never appeared to move. In one video you can hear a person saying that was a balloon.
Comment icon #5 Posted by the13bats 1 year ago
I recall many years back there seemed to be a myriad of "flying humanoids" being reported in mexico, Joe nickells did some research and testing and decided balloons were pretty much the answer and ill add to that party stores offer a lot of shaped balloons. I doubt it would be hard to RC a human looking balloon to have a bit of fun
Comment icon #6 Posted by Trelane 1 year ago
From these sightings alone we see how the observers affixe characteristics and make assumptions based off of those items. Now using that information, how likely is it that this happens frequently with most alleged sightings?
Comment icon #7 Posted by astrobeing 1 year ago
Yes, that's what I'm remembering. I did a search on YouTube and couldn't find the classic ones but here's a funny one of a balloon man flying around. †
Comment icon #8 Posted by qxcontinuum 1 year ago
"Enter your mobile" phone number to watch this video".... No thanks..††
Comment icon #9 Posted by Freez1 1 year ago
Rocket Man
Comment icon #10 Posted by Golden Duck 1 year ago
Did you ever see the flying people in New York?

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