Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Creatures, Myths & Legends

YouTuber Coyote Peterson announces 'Bigfoot' skull discovery

By T.K. Randall
July 8, 2022 · Comment icon 173 comments

Is this a genuine Bigfoot skull or a hoax ? Image Credit: Facebook / Coyote Peterson
The wildlife presenter claims that he has discovered the large skull of an unknown primate in Canada.
Known for his enthusiastic presenting style and entertaining wildlife videos, Peterson isn't typically known for posting content or making claims about cryptozoological creatures.

In a notice posted up on his Facebook page around 11 hours ago, however, he revealed that he had discovered the large skull of an unknown primate in British Columbia and even has pictures to prove it.

"Leaking pics here before they are taken down and before government/official try to cease our footage," he wrote. "Found a large primate skull in British Columbia - filmed it, cut the footage, releasing on @bravewilderness this weekend."

"Have kept this secret for several weeks... YES I have the skull, smuggled it thru customs and TSA and its currently in a secure location awaiting primatologist review. "
"The skull was found partially buried under ground in deep back forest ravine after a massive storm in the Pac Northwest where clearly a bunch of trees and earth were disturbed. I'm sure these pics will be taken down... as will probably the video by government or state park officials... but the skull is safe."

Reactions to the discovery have been somewhat mixed, however, with some arguing that it is the skull of an existing primate and that the whole thing is a hoax to drum up views for his channel.

Whatever the case, we should know more when the video is posted up at the weekend.

Update: Coyote Peterson's 'Bigfoot' skull video released

Source: Facebook | Comments (173)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #164 Posted by Resume 4 months ago
Who knows; YouTube Patreons come and go and as we all know there's a sucker born every minute.
Comment icon #165 Posted by the13bats 4 months ago
A few believers will claim he had to say its a fake skull to avoid imperial entanglements.
Comment icon #166 Posted by stereologist 4 months ago
Hopefully he will be forced by warrant to produce the skull. He might end up having to show it is real or a fake.  If real then there is legal trouble. If fake then there is fan trouble.
Comment icon #167 Posted by the13bats 4 months ago
Tom salvini used a real skeleton for a film it was a legal one but he made it look all rotten corpse and it was in a store window the cops and ME get called and the store owner had to prove it was legal which the ME did prove. This gorilla skull if real i believe would have to have a provenance of how it got dead as seems someone said it had a bullet hole, so it might get a bit sticky for him. I knew of a punk in the 80s got in deep hot water for swipping a skull from a graveyard he did both jail time and community service.
Comment icon #168 Posted by psyche101 4 months ago
Why I think am orangutan is a distinct possibility is not just the photos, but the orangutans amongst the 260 escaped exotic animals in Miami. There are wild chimps, orangutans, snakes, lots of animals roaming a new land.  I feel that makes the claim plausible.
Comment icon #169 Posted by the13bats 4 months ago
I thought so 2 before i saw the uncropped pics the body just doesnt look right proportions to be a real ape to me but more like a suit then the Asian primate experts said they knew it was a suit, the Miami zoo experts say hoax too. I would bet you and keep in mind ive seen wild apes here the number of wild monkeys and apes in all of florida is well over 1000.
Comment icon #170 Posted by psyche101 4 months ago
Well Darren Naish whom you quoted is a smart man. You're most likely right.  Even giving the benefit of the doubt, there are still better explanations than a bigfoot. It's a bad hypothesis. 
Comment icon #171 Posted by the13bats 4 months ago
I feel a bit wonky i didnt know i quoted Naish. Way back when this myakka story first came out i never considered it anything past BS hoax for two glaring reasons anonymous reports are worthless, then mix anonymous with claims the person fears for their family it doesnt wash. It would be like me writing a letter to eustis police saying i fear for my family but only tell them i live in eustis i leave out where in eustis and who i am.    
Comment icon #172 Posted by psyche101 4 months ago
He is quite an out of the box thinker. Here is an interesting post on intelligent dinosaur theories. Yes, there's plenty of reason to doubt, I do try to offer the benefit of the doubt where possible, but it has been a few years since I looked at that particular instance. As with all BF claims, it has degraded.
Comment icon #173 Posted by the13bats 4 months ago
I recall that Dinosauroids idea, good read thanx.

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