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Creatures, Myths & Legends

New docuseries to search for the elusive Skunk Ape

By T.K. Randall
August 10, 2022 · Comment icon 18 comments

Does the Skunk Ape roam the Florida swamps ? Image Credit: Steve Baxter / Pexels
A new three-part series will follow a group of investigators as they seek evidence of Bigfoot's lightweight cousin, the Skunk Ape.
Pretty much everyone will have heard of Bigfoot, however it is not the only 'hairy hominid' legend in North America - several states have their own version of the creature.

One of the best known examples is the Skunk Ape - a pint-sized hominid believed to roam the swamps of Florida.

Measuring up to 7 ft in height, this smaller 'cousin' of Bigfoot is named after the atrocious smell that some witnesses have reported during sightings or when the creature is suspected of being close.

Now a new documentary series - The Skunk Ape Experiments - is aiming to get to the bottom of the mystery and determine the truth behind this elusive hairy hominid once and for all.
Based in Myakka City, Florida, the series will follow cryptid investigators Stacy Brown Jr., Ryan Golembeske and James Brost as they search Myakka River State Park for signs of the creature.

"The Skunk Ape Experiments is a trilogy of films that follows OutKast Paranormal on an adventure into Myakka city, Florida on a Skunk Ape investigation like you've never seen," the synopsis reads.

"Lead by lifelong Skunk Ape researcher Stacy Brown Jr, Ryan 'Rpg' Golembeske and James Brost the team delves into new methods to finally find conclusive proof of the creature Floridians call the Skunk Ape."

The series is currently available to watch on Vudu.

Source: The Line Up | Comments (18)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #9 Posted by MysteryMike 2 months ago
We've found dead bears, deer, wolves, cougars, all megafauna that's been known for years but never any skunk ape or bigfoot bodies? No creature as big as a bear could remain undetected today except deep in the ocean. If we can come across dead bodies of those, surely we would have with a dead skunk ape or bigfoot by now. Nevermind the fact too we there's not even any fossil record of a bipedal primate existing in the New World. Why have we not found any fossils of such a creature? Even then eDNA alone would have proven such creatures existed long ago. Hell it would have proven most if not all ... [More]
Comment icon #10 Posted by Portre 2 months ago
Could be but I would then expect to read about escaped orangs?
Comment icon #11 Posted by jethrofloyd 2 months ago
They hide, and then they are called for Skunk Apes if someone briefly see them.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Portre 2 months ago
I'm not sure how much crossover there is between Bigfoot and Swamp Ape hunters. They (except BFRO) seem to specialize. I guess what I'm saying is if you smelled a Bigfoot then some years later encounter a Swamp Ape. would you be able to distinguish the two.á This won't be resolved until we get them side by side.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Portre 2 months ago
Someone would be missing their orang.á Would they not report it?
Comment icon #14 Posted by Abramelin 2 months ago
Ask a man about the size of his pecker, and you'll know he will exaggarate its size.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Abramelin 2 months ago
Not if they set it free to be rid of it.
Comment icon #16 Posted by jethrofloyd 2 months ago
Look at the image I posted. It's the most famous image of the skunk ape ever. The skunk ape's Patty (PGF). But, it's no doubt that it is a image of an orangutan.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Portre 1 month ago
I am not saying you are wrong and the image you posted looks to me like an orangutan but it can't be the whole story.á Seminole tribe has stories of a creature resembling a Skunk Ape.á Europeans newly arrived in the area told tales of encountering beasts similar to Skunk Ape.á Skunk Apes reportedly range from Florida to Louisiana.á If these accounts are true, there's more out there than abandoned "forest people".
Comment icon #18 Posted by stereologist 1 month ago
I simply don't find this to be what the folklore states. The yeti is a westernized construct, the abominable snowman a mistranslation.á The actual creature is the na nay g÷ which has zero reemblance to the bigfoot of North America. The skunk ape is another construct unrelated to reality.

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