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Avi Loeb leads $1.5M effort to find alien tech on the ocean floor

By T.K. Randall
September 4, 2022 · Comment icon 12 comments

Could CNEOS 2014-01-08 contain alien tech ? Image Credit: RafaelMousob / Pixabay
The Harvard astronomer believes that a meteoroid that fell to Earth in 2014 could contain alien technology.
Earlier this year, it was revealed by the US Space Command (USSC) that a fast-moving fireball, which exploded over Papua New Guinea 8 years ago, actually originated from outside our solar system - predating the discovery of interstellar visitor 'Oumuamua in 2017.

According to Harvard's Dr. Avi Loeb, pieces of this object (which was named CNEOS 2014-01-08), fell into the Pacific Ocean and are now lying on the seabed, just waiting to be found.

Here's where it gets weird, though - Loeb maintains that there is a chance that the object was extraterrestrial in origin and that the fragments could contain alien technology.

He is now funding a $1.5 expedition to find and retrieve these fragments from the ocean floor.
Loeb argues that CNEOS 2014-01-08 stands out because it was traveling anomalously fast compared to other similar objects and was a lot stronger than a typical iron meteorite.

Actually finding tiny fragments of an object that was only around two feet in length before it broke up is going to be quite the challenge, however, leading some to question whether it is even possible at all.

The theory behind the endeavor has also been called into question by other scientists.

"The alien technology hypothesis is so far-fetched that there is no scientific reason to consider this as anything other than someone with no evidence crying wolf when there is no wolf that we have ever seen before," astrophysicist and long-time Loeb critic Dr. Ethan Siegel told Salon.

"Saying that it is alien technology, to me, is an absolute travesty for the hundreds upon hundreds of legitimate solar system scientists who are doing excellent work studying what actually exists."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by Gaden 2 years ago
The phrase "Loeb maintains that there is a chance that the object was extraterrestrial in origin..." struck me as very funny. Or did they change the definition of 'extraterrestrial' without telling me?
Comment icon #4 Posted by iAlrakis 2 years ago
I hope he's right but I have my doubts. He seems a bit too eager. He'd better focus on his UFO investigation project.
Comment icon #5 Posted by jmccr8 2 years ago
One point five million won’t do much unless he has specific coordinates to search in that are credible.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Nnicolette 2 years ago
Wait they are looking for fragments of a two foot object that fell and blew up 8 years ago on the ocean floor? Good luck with that one... I mean why the wait?
Comment icon #7 Posted by stereologist 2 years ago
It was a review of military data that pointed out this unusual meteorite hitting the atmosphere.
Comment icon #8 Posted by joseraul 2 years ago
He's definitely open minded and his theories on 'Oumuamua have definitely been intriguing. I say... why not!
Comment icon #9 Posted by the13bats 2 years ago
Like finding a needle in a haystack!? Um no, because one might actually find a needle in a haystack. My guess he will blow the 1.5 and come up with a bit of nothing like that cat who was a foot doc and claimed any little bit of foreign object removed from a person was an alien implant.
Comment icon #10 Posted by qxcontinuum 2 years ago
There is nothing far fetched until said pieces are discovered, analyzed and conclusion are drawn.  
Comment icon #11 Posted by Gaden 2 years ago
Don't rule out that he could produce a TV show that chronicles his search. Week after week of absolutely nothing found. It's been done before, there are a lot of gullible people in this country.
Comment icon #12 Posted by astrobeing 2 years ago
Man, I never thought I would miss watching, "Finding Bigfoot". How could they cancel it when they hadn't found Bigfoot yet?

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