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Avi Loeb: ET may have reached us using 'dimension-hopping' technology

By T.K. Randall
April 12, 2024 · Comment icon 73 comments
Avi Loeb.
Avi Loeb. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Cmichel67
The Harvard astrophysicist has become synonymous with the hunt for evidence of aliens in recent years.
Loeb, who made headlines last year following his discovery of mysterious spherules on the ocean floor that he believes were part of an artificially constructed meteorite from a distant star system, is certainly no stranger to making 'out there' claims about extraterrestrial visitors.

A firm proponent of the idea that it is arrogant to think that we are alone in the cosmos, Loeb has previously suggested that we may even be living in a universe created by intelligent alien life.

Most recently, while speaking in a new documentary entitled The Paranormal UFO Connection, the Harvard astrophysicist put forward the idea that aliens may have already visited Earth using a form of 'dimension-hopping' technology based on scientific concepts we have barely even touched upon.

"Within the mainstream of theoretical physics for the past decades, the prevailing paradigm is that it is possible to unify quantum mechanics and gravity unless you work with extra-spatial dimensions," he said.

"We see only three of them in our daily life. But the idea is that the others are curled."
"And we can't really detect them unless we shoot particles that have exceptionally high energies that will probe these tiny scales."

"Of course, if there are extra dimensions, then the reality that we are familiar with extends into them. And then one can imagine life in more than three spatial dimensions."

"It will be far more diverse and interesting."

Ultimately, Loeb hopes that contact with aliens will be beneficial for humanity.

"There might be many more neighbors that are far more accomplished than we are, and we can learn from them," he said last year.

"So my hope is that it will bring humanity to a better place in the long term future."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #64 Posted by aquatus1 1 month ago
Beings in the 4th dimension, Time, can move backwards and forwards in time without paradox issues.  We can't even make a high school time travel movie without trotting out a dozen worn-out paradox cliches.
Comment icon #65 Posted by Piney 1 month ago
4m long ×4m wide ×8m deep. ?
Comment icon #66 Posted by aquatus1 1 month ago
That is indeed three dimensions.
Comment icon #67 Posted by Piney 1 month ago
Spacetime, which theoretically could be torn if you attempted to reverse it.
Comment icon #68 Posted by superman73 1 month ago
Why the confusion Trelane? Tilman was a Soldier who happened to be an Atheist.The whole Atheists in foxhole thing is Bu##sh##.
Comment icon #69 Posted by Antigonos 1 month ago
Maybe he got “friendly fired” by a group of fellow Christian soldiers who didn’t like that he was atheist ?
Comment icon #70 Posted by superman73 1 month ago
I wouldn't doubt that at all! Lol
Comment icon #71 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 30 days ago
I 'splain, Any non-,maned capsule can be shot up with much higher accelerations - accelerations that would kill a person. So,,, Voyager I can escape Earth's gravity at a much higher speed.  So think about it., if Voyager I can go must faster than Apollo 10, it can get to Alpha Centuri much quicker.  Hope that works.
Comment icon #72 Posted by Hazzard 29 days ago
I dont think they (manned) are launched slower but they are launched in different trajectories. The reason for this is to control abort conditions and G loads. As for the rest... you are singing into the choir.
Comment icon #73 Posted by Trelane 29 days ago
It was an oddly specific response from you. That's all. Actually, the whole exchange between you two was puzzling.

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