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Did intelligent aliens visit and guide the ancient Mesopotamians ?

By T.K. Randall
October 9, 2022 · Comment icon 56 comments

Were the Sumerians visited by aliens ? Image Credit: Public Domain
Carl Sagan once wrote about the possibility that ancient Sumer was visited by benign extraterrestrial beings.
Most people will be familiar with the meme of Giorgio Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens fame stating "I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens", but while many might dismiss the idea of extraterrestrials visiting ancient civilizations as a joke or pure fantasy, it is an idea that a number of notable scientists and historians have actually taken quite seriously, including the late astronomer Carl Sagan.

Writing in Big Think recently, Ross Pomeroy revisits Sagan's remarks on the topic in his 1966 book Intelligent Life in the Universe which was also co-written by his colleague Iosif Shklovsky.

In it, Sagan talks about the possibility of finding evidence that aliens visited Earth in the distant past.

"A description of the morphology of an intelligent non-human, a clear account of astronomical realities which a primitive people could not acquire by their own efforts, or a transparent presentation of the purpose of the contact would increase the credibility of the legend," he wrote.

Interestingly, Sagan also provides an example of a possible candidate - the ancient Sumerian legend of Oannes whose "whole body... was like that of a fish; and had under a fish's head another head, and also feet below, similar to those of a man, subjoined to the fish's tail."
The story goes that Oannes bestowed upon the ancient Sumerians a great wealth of knowledge including insight into science, art, writing and specific techniques for constructing buildings.

Various similar accounts from Sumerian texts refer to such creatures as the Apkallu.

"Sumerian civilization is depicted by the descendants of the Sumerians themselves to be of non-human origin," Sagan wrote. "A succession of strange creatures appears over the course of several generations. Their only apparent purpose is to instruct mankind."

"Each knows of the mission and accomplishments of his predecessors."

While such tales are obviously inconclusive, Sagan seemed to find them particularly intriguing.

Sadly, though, we may never know for sure whether they are based on truth or fantasy.

Source: Big Think | Comments (56)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #47 Posted by Ell 2 years ago
More likely holy water or (scented) soap water and a dispersion brush.
Comment icon #48 Posted by ouija ouija 2 years ago
But as I said in a post for openozy, I can accept that the entity that replied to us through the Ouija board could have been anyone/from anywhere. A spirit playing a prank. As for Mars appearing to not be able to support life, perhaps Martians have never had physical bodies and exist only in spirit. I don't know, I just try and keep an open mind .  . . . all I do know is what I experienced through the Ouija board and afterwards.
Comment icon #49 Posted by astrobeing 2 years ago
Or maybe they're time travelers and traveled there from Earth! Or maybe they lived in the fourth dimension where physical laws don't apply! Or pick anything else from science fiction because you're talking about fiction.
Comment icon #50 Posted by Desertrat56 2 years ago
If  you are going to use math terms please use them correctly.   The physical laws Do apply in the 4th dimension which is space-time, not some airy fairy new age concept.   The new agers need to quit misusing math terms.    You are talking about the aether or ether or mental realm or non-physical realm, not the 4th dimension.     
Comment icon #51 Posted by astrobeing 2 years ago
I was obviously talking about the science fictional fourth dimension, not the factual mathematical fourth dimension which is much less fun. "In science fiction, a higher 'dimension' often refers to parallel or alternate universes or other imagined planes of existence."
Comment icon #52 Posted by Desertrat56 2 years ago
Typically science fiction uses science terms correctly.  I have been reading science fiction since the 60's and the 4th dimension is not used as an alternative universe, you are mistaking new age drivel or fantasy with science fiction. Hypercube geometry is NOT the 4th dimension, it is beyond 4th dimension.    The wiki article you posted says "but use of concepts relating to higher dimensions has been little discussed by academics in the literary world"   Even now, science fiction writers know something about science and math before they write their stories.  Fantasy writers on the other ... [More]
Comment icon #53 Posted by astrobeing 2 years ago
Please read the entire content at that link for many many examples of science fiction with fantasy elements of the fourth dimension. There are many many MANY more not listed. Yes, sometimes science fiction authors use fantasy elements in their stories. I hope this the most controversial thing you come across today.
Comment icon #54 Posted by Robotic Jew 2 years ago
Comment icon #55 Posted by Robotic Jew 2 years ago
Comment icon #56 Posted by the13bats 2 years ago
What memories, booked them at my orlando club back in the day.

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