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Doubts raised over alleged 'Bigfoot' spotted on Google Earth

By T.K. Randall
January 30, 2023 · Comment icon 86 comments

Is this a Bigfoot, or a puddle ? Image Credit: Google Earth
The image of an alleged Bigfoot found on Google's satellite mapping service has been dividing opinion this week.
The snapshot, which was originally posted up on Reddit, appears to show a large humanoid figure walking around in the Colorado wilderness, but despite claims that it represents evidence of Bigfoot, doubts have been cast over whether this is even a picture of a creature at all.

"Is it a bear? A puddle? A hiker without gear?" the original caption reads. "Impossible to say for certain but the darker areas of the subject align with the shadows of other objects nearby."

"Measures around 7-7.5 feet. Appears hunched over. Subject does not appear on other satellite images from different years which might imply that subject is mobile or not stationary object."

The precise co-ordinates are believed to be 38°16'24" N. 108°08'32.
But is this really a Bigfoot or is something else going on ?

Perhaps the biggest issue with this picture is that, considering that it has been taken from directly above, the angle seems to be wrong - how is it that we can see it's supposed feet and arms ?

Also, if this was an animal, it would be enormous - much larger than 7.5ft. An individual person will typically appear as little more than a small blurry dot on Google Maps.

In all likelihood, this is simply a body of water that just happens to resemble the shape of a Bigfoot.

Source: Daily Record | Comments (86)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #77 Posted by the13bats 1 year ago
You know the problem with that diatribe is bobos alleged encounter is just as good as the next believers because like all other believers bobo is empty handed, he got to be on a failed teevee show and still zero evidence. ( hense why the show was a failure ) Reports of santa bringing toys to goody kids go way back too but yeah.
Comment icon #78 Posted by the13bats 1 year ago
See how rambling that was? My mind is terrible thing to taste just ask any zombie.
Comment icon #79 Posted by openozy 1 year ago
Just having a joke with bats but you have to admit that Google Earth pic is pathetic evidence at best, more like a stab in the dark at nothing. As you know I've experienced some weird stuff myself but I have to draw the line at a proposed species with no DNA evidence.
Comment icon #80 Posted by Tiggs 1 year ago
The techniques Google Earth use to calculate the 3d view appear to be fairly complex, ranging from Space Shuttle data from 2009 (with ~6M or so vertical accuracy) through to 25cm accuracy using LIDAR in some regions, all of which are interpolated into a height map. As such, I wouldn't particularly rely on its calculated height projection of temporary features. That all said, I don't have any strong opinions on this one in either direction, which is why I just posted the pics for everyone else to hash it out.
Comment icon #81 Posted by the13bats 1 year ago
Then if i were a believer who was at a dead end to prove this is a creature i would likely try to find a Google earth image where it made a person look like our black blob flat on the ground subject of this thread. Finding that of course only shows google earth has flaws it still doesnt prove this is a creature at this point we need a video to show it "wandering" without such video this isnt any better than all the tree stumps and bushes people claim are BF or river trolls.
Comment icon #82 Posted by Swede 1 year ago
It would be worth noting that, on that small area of the slope, its orientation is only slightly SW, though the area lies near lower elevations of a very pronounced SW-oriented formation. That said, the shadows could also be somewhat affected by the azimuth angle of the documenting camera(s) coupled with the time of day. Another perspective related to the previous:
Comment icon #83 Posted by Swede 1 year ago
Yes, that does appear to be a possibility. .
Comment icon #84 Posted by Unusual Tournament 1 year ago
Well someone did come forward and categorically state that when he stood in the same place as the “Bigfoot” he had a creepy feeling. No further proof requires as far as I’m concerned 
Comment icon #85 Posted by flying squid 1 year ago
Of course it's bigfoot. And, this is unicorn seen in the Yellowstone hot spring.  
Comment icon #86 Posted by DieChecker 1 year ago
I read about this earlier last month and found it completely unconvincing. I tend to agree it looks like a puddle, or scuff in the grass.

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